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BTTZ cable, high quality, high efficiency, high reliability

BTTZ cableIt is necessary to fix the screw at the joint during installation to ensure the fixation and safety. With excellent heat resistance, it can work in high temperature environment and function with high efficiency. Its shielding shell with high-strength aluminum alloy shell, can resist the erosion of various external factors, in a variety of complex situations, it can play an important role.

BTTZ cable has corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, aging resistance, to ensure life, as well as reliability and safety. It has good insulation, can prevent electromagnetic interference, protect from external interference, and the insulation strength under high voltage conditions. Tensile strength and compressive strength is also very good, it can work under high temperature, damp heat and other harsh conditions, will not be damaged by stretching or compression, and its acid and alkali resistance is also very strong, to prevent acid and alkali erosion, to maintain stability and reliability.

BTTZ cable in the installation, with professional joints, to ensure firmness and reliability, while making better conductivity. It can connect the power line and the equipment line to transmit current, and can also block electromagnetic interference to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Simple to install and durable, performance by customers around the world unanimously recognized, its accuracy and reliability is unmatched by others. Whether it is home electrical systems, industrial electrical equipment or other power equipment, can meet a variety of needs. Excellent performance, safe and reliable, is the choice of electrical equipment installation.

BTTZ cable is a kind of high quality developed by international new technology. It has the characteristics of durability, insulation, small size and anti-aging. With its performance, it develops rapidly, which can not only provide higher functions, but also provide better experience for professional users. With composite materials and professional craftsmanship, its durability can be guaranteed. It uses anti-moisture, waterproof and other technologies to withstand various harsh conditions and ensure that it can still maintain good performance for a long time. The insulation has been greatly improved. It uses brand-new insulating materials, which can resist the interference of electromagnetic waves, protect the safety of the system, and prevent current leakage. The volume is much smaller than that on the general market, which can reduce the installation space. It is more convenient. Special anti-aging technology is used to prevent long-term loss and maintain good performance. Advanced noise reduction technology is used, noise can be reduced and quieter can be obtained.

BTTZ cable is a high-quality cable developed with advanced technology. It has the characteristics of durability, insulation, anti-aging, and low noise. It can meet the requirements of professional users and provide higher functions and better experience.


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