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Liaoning Jinda Cable Co., Ltd. is a national chain of large-scale cable production and sales enterprises. Liaoning Jinda Cable Co., Ltd. is one of the production bases invested by the group headquarters. The group headquarters is located in the Tianjin World Financial Center. It has nearly 100 sales companies in major cities such as Northeast, North, Northwest, East, and Central China. Production bases have been established in Tianjin, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Shaanxi, and Liaoning. Support a strong production and sales service network.


Since the establishment of the factory, the company has adhered to scientific management, made solid efforts, and is committed to improving product quality. Always follow the headquarters of "service first, integrity-based, pioneering and innovative, quality first" purpose, with high-quality products and good reputation to win the praise of peers and the trust of new and old customers.


Enterprise "Jinda" brand cables mainly cover high and low voltage cross-linked cables, plastic insulated cables, control cables, shielded cables, electronic computer control cables, communication cables, general-purpose rubber cables, plastic insulated wires, mining cables, overhead insulated wires, high temperature cables, rail transit wires and cables, nuclear power cables, marine cables, pre-branch cables, wind power cables, aluminum alloy cables, low smoke halogen-free, flame retardant and fire resistant cables and all kinds of special wire and cable, it has served in the energy field (power station, nuclear power plant, urban agricultural power grid, coal mine, petroleum, petrochemical, etc.), transportation field (civil aviation airport, railway and urban rail transit, ships and offshore ports, etc.), engineering field (engineering construction, steel, metallurgy, construction, etc.). It is selected for key projects such as landmark construction in major cities, subways, airports, Beijing Olympic Bird's Nest project, Shanghai World Expo project, and national defense construction.


Looking forward to the future, Liaoning Jinda Cable will build a solid and reliable integrity mechanism and a good fast and purchasing and selling platform for our customers with better production and manufacturing capacity, sincere after-sales service, professional and integrated sales team, excellent logistics and distribution, and sufficient cable inventory. Through the advantages of the group, Liaoning Jinda Cable will establish a national regional customer to achieve the goal of one-day delivery in the same city. "Jinda Cable will arrive today". We will continue to adhere to the effective, coordinated, healthy and scientific development policy, form an industrial pattern of industrial diversification, development scale, product specialization, business regionalization and management differentiation, and create the core competitive advantage of enterprises.


Jinda Cable strives to build the "Jinda" brand into an excellent brand and industry leader in the national cable industry in a relatively short period of time.

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