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BTTZ cableIt is a high-performance cable for modern smart home appliances and computer equipment. Its cable shell is made of high-strength plastic material, after precision processing, the surface has high-precision anti-aging, waterproof, moisture-proof treatment, and beautiful appearance, durable.

BTTZ cable has very good electrical performance, with high-speed transmission stability, can effectively alleviate external interference, more safe and reliable. In addition, it also has high tensile strength, wear resistance, impact resistance, antistatic and other characteristics, can be used for a long time, not easy to wear. It can be used in a wide temperature range, can adapt to various temperature environments, and can work normally in the range of -20°C to 80°C. Moreover, it also has the advantages of light and flexible, easy installation, etc., which can greatly reduce installation time, minimize installation costs, and improve work efficiency. It can provide better electrical performance and use experience, can effectively extend the service life of the device, and bring you a better experience.

BTTZ cable is a multifunctional cable, which is centered on quality and performance, with good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, vibration resistance, low temperature resistance, low combustion and high strength. This cable uses high-quality thermoplastic as the outer sheath, the internal use of high-quality cable, its outer structure is compact, strong wear resistance, smooth surface, cable contact safety, the line is not easy to short circuit. The cable conductor is used, and the outer jacket is made of thermoplastic with the same thickness. It has high tensile strength, good fatigue resistance, high buckling performance, good UV resistance, no paint, good thermal deformation resistance, good impact resistance, and good humidity resistance. The special structure makes it not only has good tensile strength and fatigue resistance, but also has good anti-ultraviolet performance. Because this kind of cable has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof, etc., it can work in harsh environments, suitable for outdoor and indoor, especially suitable for electric power, petroleum, coal, metallurgy, machinery, agriculture and other industries.

The installation of BTTZ cable should follow the professional installation specifications. Before installation, the shell of the cable must be checked to ensure that its appearance is complete and there is no damage, breakage, etc. Before installation, check whether there are obvious heat marks, stains and moisture marks on the cable shell. If there are, clean it in time. Drilling, cutting, cable and other installation methods can be used, but these installation methods need to comply with the installation specifications. For example, cable installation requires that the tensile stress of the line does not exceed the tensile strength of the cable to ensure the stability and reliability of the installation. Moreover, the cable shell after cable installation is required to be close to the wall to prevent heat loss. Attention should be paid to insulation treatment to prevent short circuit between cables. There are many methods of insulation treatment, such as the use of cable insulation sheath or the placement of cable insulation pads to ensure the safety of contact between cables.

BTTZ cable is characterized by both quality and performance. It has good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, vibration resistance, low temperature resistance, low combustion and high strength. It is necessary to pay attention to insulation treatment during installation to ensure The safety of contact between cables.


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