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BTTZ cable manufacturers: construction method of BTTZ cable

Use the pipe cutting machine as required in lengthBTTZ cableCut out a mark on the wire, then use diagonal pliers to twist the copper clamp clockwise between the wire clamps, gradually clamp the copper edge of the sleeve, and peel it off at a small angle until the cut, use a clean dry cloth to completely remove the magnesium oxide insulation material on the exposed wire, then put the cluster head on the cable, screw the brass cup vertically on the copper sheath of the cable sheath, first twist the handball, and slide the handball head onto the cup, check the verticality of the cup. After confirming the verticality, clamp the knurled seat of the seal cup with pipe pliers, and continue to install until the end of the skin guard is lower than the partial thread in the seal cup.

Heat the cable with a torch flame 600mm from the open end of the cable, and move the flame continuously to the open end of the cable to remove moisture. Remember that only the flame can move to the open end of the cable, otherwise the water will be driven to the side of the cable.

Use an ohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance between the wire core and the wire core, and between the wire core and the sheath. If the measurement results meet the requirements, the sealing paste can be injected into the sealing cup. The sealing paste should be added gradually from one side, not too fast. To exhaust air. After filling the sealing paste, close the cup lid, then cover the core with a heat shrinkable sleeve, and then heat shrink, then use an ohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance again, if the insulation layer is too low, do it again.

Installation of pipe connection construction method. Before installation, the pipe head and fittings shall be wiped clean with a clean cloth. There shall be no oil or water droplets. When the pipe and fittings are connected, a layer of conductive compound grease shall be added between the pipe and the fittings. After the pipe and fittings are connected, tighten the screw with a screwdriver until the screw breaks.


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