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Project Performance

1987-Tianjin Tongjin Cable Co., Ltd. was established.
In 2001, 19 brand stores were established in key cities in North China, and the sales network deployment in North China was completed.
2003-Brand stores were set up in East China to prepare for the deployment of sales networks in Central Plains.
2007-Five brand stores were established in key cities in central China, and the sales network deployment in central China was completed.
In 2008, the company invested in the construction of the largest cable production base in North China, forming a complete production and marketing chain, laying a solid foundation for the further growth of the enterprise.
2009-The key cities in the three northeastern provinces established brand stores and completed the deployment of the sales network in the northeast region.
2010-Completed the deployment of the southwest and northwest regions, established brand stores in 6 key cities, and completed the deployment of the Great Northern sales network.
2010-Tianjin Tongjin Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established and officially entered the e-commerce market.
2011-Unification of Jinda Cable Brand
Production bases have been established in Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Shaanxi and Liaoning since 2009.


Some engineering cases in Liaoning Province

Shenyang Taoxian International Airport

Shenyang Olympic Sports Center

Shenyang World Expo Park Lily Tower

Shenyang New World Convention and Exhibition Center

Shenyang Lezhi Tang Leisure Resort

Shenyang Huijin Financial Center

Shenyang Metro Building

Shenyang Wanda Plaza

Wuli River City, Shenyang

Shenyang Xiangjiang Home

Shenyang Carrefour

Shenyang New Century Garden

Shenyang Sunshine 100 International New City

Fushun Hot High Paradise Playground

Tieling Northeast Logistics City

Tieling New District Passenger Station Hub Project

Columbus Commercial Plaza, Tieling

"Three Supplies and One Industry" Power Distribution Project in Tieling New Town

Tieling Changtu People's Hospital

Expansion Project of Dongbei Feng Special Fertilizer Co., Ltd.

Tieling Kaiyuan Passenger Station

Tieling Changtu County People's Court Complex Building

The First Hospital of Xifeng County, Tieling City

Dongsheng Hotel, Changtu County, Tieling City

Dalian Exchange Island Holiday Blue Bay

Dalian Power Supply Company "Three Supplies and One Industry" Power Distribution Project

Dalian Central Avenue Commercial Street

Shangri-La Hotel Apartment Dalian

Hilton Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Hotel

Dalian Centennial Harbor Outlets

Dalian Xiangzhou Tourist Resort

Dalian Haoyan Automobile Trading Market

dalian davos conference center

Dalian Ganjingzi District Library

Dalian Central Avenue Commercial Street

Dalian Castle Hotel

Dalian Center Yujing Bo Wei Nian

Dalian Wanda Mansion

Dalian Hengda Harbor Community

Dalian Shangpin Tiancheng Community

Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Liaoning University of Science and Technology

Liaoning University of Science and Technology International Student Apartment

Expansion of Inpatient Department of Angang Hospital

Renovation of Julong Factory Building of Anshan Science and Technology

Anshan Huarun Supermarket

Anshan RT-Mart Supermarket

Anshan Meimei Linyu Community

Anshan Hainuo Capital Community

Dandong Donggang High-speed Railway Construction Project

Dandong Port Culture and Sports Center

Dandong Fengcheng High-speed Railway Construction Project

Dandong Border Trade Quality Inspection Building

Dandong Auchan Times Square

Dandong Finance Building

Kuandian Hydrological Station

Dandong Silver Dollar Building

Dandong Golden Waterfront Residential District

Dandong Arc de Triomphe Residential District

Jinzhou Port Passenger Station

Jinzhou University Town Science Park

Jinzhou South Railway Station Public Security Bureau Building

Jinzhou International Hardware & Electromechanical City

Jinzhou Power Supply Company "Three Supplies and One Industry" Power Distribution Project

Huludao Swimming Pool

Renovation of Huludao Railway Station

Huludao International Hardware & Electromechanical City

Huludao light stadium renovation project

Huludao 313 Waterfront Paradise Construction Project

Yuexing Home Plaza, Huludao City

Xingcheng Lande Hot Spring Resort

Engineering Cases in Heilongjiang, Jilin and Inner Mongolia

Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital

Harbin Children and Teenagers Activity Center

Harbin Poseidon Water Park

Harbin Shangri-La Hotel High Voltage Power Supply Project

Harbin Comprehensive Bonded Zone

Harbin Daoli Da'an Street Underground Civil Air Defense Project

Harbin Taishan Road Underground Civil Air Defense Project

Doctor Apartment Harbin Institute of Technology

Extension Project of Harbin Bridge Construction Institute

Harbin Poly Tsinghua Summer Palace

Heilongjiang Hongtong Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Heating Power Transformation

Heilongjiang Longjia Ecological Animal Husbandry Plant Reconstruction

Daqing Oilfield General Hospital

Vienna Music Garden, Daqing

Daqing Oriental Rose Garden

Daqing Binzhou Huafu Community

Mudanjiang High-speed Railway Station

Mudanjiang Passenger Station

Street Lamp Project of Mudanjiang Bridge

Mudanjiang Taiping Road Tunnel Project

Mudanjiang Outlets Shopping Plaza

Wanda Plaza, Mudanjiang

Baoqing Gymnasium

Baoqing People's Summer Palace

Muling City Zhonglian Xingguang Shopping Plaza

Street Lamp Project of Muling River Bridge

Linkou New Town International Shopping Plaza

Olin International Community

Shuangyashan Museum

Project of Gucheng-Fuyu Section of Bei'an-Fuyu Expressway

Hailar Palace

China-Japan Friendship Hospital

Heilongjiang Wuchang Jinshan Thermal Power Plant

Jiamusi Wind Power Plant

Jilin Stanley Chemical Fertilizer Plant Expansion

Destruction Project of Chemical and Biological Weapons Left over from Japan in Dunhua, Jilin

Changchun Sewage Treatment Plant

PetroChina Jilin Chemical Construction

Inner Mongolia Minority Mass Culture and Sports Center

Hohhot Silk Road Theme Park Lighting Project

Hohhot Xiaohei River Lighting Project

Hohhot Xinhua Street Lighting Project

Hohhot Qingcheng Park Lighting Project

Hohhot Central Photovoltaic Demonstration Project

Hohhot Yanjing Brand Wine Production Line

Hohhot Environmental Protection Building

Hohhot East Second Ring Everbright Bank

Huhe Jio Residence Phase II

Hohhot Xiyuan Jiayuan Residential District

Hohhot Fusheng Dihao Residential District

Teaching Building of Inner Mongolia Entrepreneurship College

Dormitory Building of Inner Mongolia University of Technology

Baotou Jinxiu New Town

Baotou Mingfeng Jiayuan

Chifeng Yulong Airport

Chifeng Haibel Amusement Park

Chifeng City Civil Defense Office Project

Aohan Banner Government Square, Chifeng City

Chifeng City Construction Committee Building Project

Chifeng Municipal Government Building Project

Chifeng Yulongyuan Hotel

Chifeng China-Mongolia Hospital Production Base

Chifeng Friendship Street Lighting Project

Chifeng Ningcheng County Public Security Bureau

Chifeng Thermal Power Plant

Chifeng Yuanbaoshan Power Plant

Chifeng Wanda Plaza

Bayannaoer Sunshine Energy Lang City Square

Chifeng City Hospital Inpatient Office Building Project

Royal Diyuan Community Project of Chifeng City


Project Cases in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong

Beijing Bird's Nest Lighting Renovation Project

Tianjin National Games Project

Beijing Palace Museum Renovation Project

National North Football Training Base

Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing

Tianjin Tanggu Ocean High-tech Zone Financial Zone Night Lighting Project

Beijing Caoqiao Resettlement and Public Service Facilities Project

Tianjin Hexi Chunhao Home Project

Workshop Rectification Project of Beijing Ocean Shunda Glass Co., Ltd.

Amferno (Tianjin) Electronics Co., Ltd. Construction Project

Beijing modern logistics business center warehouse logistics business room

Tianjin Wuqing District TEDA Yixian Science Industrial Park Project

Beijing Chengwai City Sanyou Home Plaza Project

Tianjin Binhai New Area Rongtong Building

Beijing Changping Primary School Kindergarten Power Grid Reconstruction Project

Tianjin Baodi No.1 Sewage Treatment Plant Project

Beijing Changping Yangfang Town Coal to Electricity Project

Tianjin Baodi Hotel Renovation Project

Beijing Yanqing Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tianjin Jizhou New Town A- 7 Relocation Project

Beijing Badaling Peacock City

Tianjin Jizhou Bishan Waste Power Station Project

Shandong Medical College (Weihai)

Tianjin Jizhou Tianxia Panshan Large-scale Real-life Performance Project

New Plant of Neptunus Group (Weihai)

Phase II Project of Tianjin Datang Panshan Power Plant

Liuhe Home in Weihai City

Wei County Poverty Alleviation and Relocation Project

Lanxi Fort Garden, Weihai City

Tangshan World Horticultural Exposition

Beijing Jiaotong University (Weihai)

Qinhuangdao Yanshan University

Yi'an Holiday Inn Weihai

Tangshan Caofeidian Eco-city Xuefu Home

Weihai Mountain Flower Taihe House

Hebei Donghai Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. Blast Furnace Construction

Zibo Zhoucun Wuzhou International

Chengde County No.1 Middle School

Zibo Zhoucun Victory Community

Chengde County Rich Home

Binzhou Nanhai Primary School

Fengning County Passenger Station, Chengde

Rizhao Steel Boutique Base

Mengxiangcheng, Fengning County, Chengde

Chengde Pingquan Mountain Resort Distillery

Fengning County Hospital of Chengde

Happy Valley, Pingquan County, Chengde

Chengde Tourism College

Sihe Sunshine Community, Pingquan County, Chengde

Chengde Development East Power Plant

Chengde Pingquan County Government Center

Affiliated Hospital of Chengde Development Zone

Chengde Shuangluan District flourishing culture

Chengde Development Zone Management Committee

Longjing Garden, Shuangtong District, Chengde

Chengde Yulonghan House

Jidong Garden, Shuangqiao District, Chengde

Huaxi City, Kuancheng County, Chengde

Jiahe Square, Shuangqiao District, Chengde

Jingcheng Mingyuan, Kuancheng County, Chengde

Fenghuang No.1 Hospital, Weichang County, Chengde

Chengde Kuancheng County Tianbao Big Wine

Yujing, Haoting, Weichang County, Chengde

Hongzhao Shopping Mall, Longhua County, Chengde

Chengde Weichang County No.1 Middle School

Wolong Bay, Longhua County, Chengde

Chengde Xinglongji Ronglijing

Chengde Jinshanling International Shooting Range


Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shaanxi and other regional engineering cases

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

Baoji BMW 4S Shop

Construction Project of Shanghai Anting Central Hospital

Xi'an Sanjian Taihe Residence

Shanghai Nanxiang Greening Municipal Construction Project

LD Connection Line of Shaanxi Ten-day Expressway

Shanghai Xuhui First Welfare Institute Expansion Project

Huashan International Cameroon Agricultural Demonstration Center

Shanghai Pudong B09b-17 Base Construction Project

Xi'an South China City Curtain Wall

Shanghai Pudong B09b-17 Residential Building Construction Project

Shaanxi Huali Gold Industry Co., Ltd. Accommodation Building

Nanjing Nangang Electric Furnace Plant

Shaanxi Fengxiang County Local Taxation Bureau Home Furnishing Building

Nanjing Zhongjian Building

Fenglin Huafu, Kunming Road, Xi'an

Nanjing High-tech Development Zone Industrial Technology Research and Innovation Park

Northwestern Polytechnical University Dongda Campus

Lianyungang Hengdame

Environmental Protection Industry Development Project of Longmen Iron and Steel Group

Lianyungang Radio and Television Station

Xi'an Evergrande Oasis

Lianyungang Jiatianxia Community

Xi'an Ankang Gymnasium Jinzhou Square

Wanda Plaza, Lianyungang

Xi'an Ankang Avenue Lighting Project

Lianyungang Tongke HSBC

Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Lianyungang Xugou Senior High School

Xi'an Software Park R & D Base

Lianyungang Approval Center

Yan'an Zhiping Construction Group Zhiping Building

Lianyungang Cangwu Community Phase 6

Xianyang Photovoltaic Power Plant

Wuxi Sewage Treatment Expansion Project

Renovation of Parking Lot of Xi'an Municipal Administration of Organ Affairs

pastoral livestock farm

Shaanxi Construction Engineering (Fengrun Heyuan Project)

Zhejiang Taizhou Luqiao and Yuanqiao Sewage Treatment Project

Shaanxi Yuankang Construction (Kangding Community Project)

Wuhan Tongxin Garden Phase II

Shaanxi Construction Engineering (Tianfu Heyuan Project in Fengxi New Town)

Bowen Villa, Wencheng County, Wenzhou

Qianxi Jinqiao International

Sichuan Sichuan Airlines Office Building Project

Yutian Wutong Home

Chengdu Xinchengmian Expressway double-line project

Tanghai Arc de Triomphe Phase II

Shengrun Jinxiu City, Cotton Spinning Road, Zhengzhou

Financial Street Integration Project of China Construction Second Bureau

Zhengzhou Tianyu Longdi Phase A- 3

Yinchuan Jinyu Blue Bay Project

Zhumadian Xiping Yudu International Trade

Sino-Ocean Land (Dongchengtianxia Residential Project)

Zhengzhou Bairong Trade City

Beautiful Countryside Project of Sixian County

Shangqiu City Museum

Landscape Greening and Rainwater Works of Xinxiang Weiye Central Park

Shangqiu High-speed Railway Station

Qixian No.1 Mansion Community Project

Henan University Jinming College Family Hospital

I miss you so much. Choose Holiday Inn

Business School, Anhui University of Technology

Deli Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. (Changle Peking University Middle School)

Ma'anshan City East Affordable Housing Resettlement Center

Shuozhou Shuocheng Fujia Circular Industrial Park

Jiangxi Shangrao Tianyou Yayuan Phase II Construction

Kunming South Railway Station


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