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BTTZ cable engineering construction method

BTTZ cableWhat is the construction method of the project? Let's learn about it today.


Use laser pipe cutting machine according to the required length inBTTZ cableMake an impression on the copper sleeve, then use diagonal pliers to clamp the copper sleeve in the middle clockwise direction, gradually pinch the edge of the copper sleeve, and peel it off with a small viewing angle until the cut.

Use a clean damp cloth to completely remove the magnesium oxide insulation material on the exposed transmission line, and then put the beta ray head onBTTZ cableThe copper cup is screwed vertically on the copper skin of the cable sheath. First shake the football, slide the football head on the cup and check the vertical shape of the cup. After determining the verticality, clamp the knurled seat of the sealing cup with pipe pliers and install it again until the end of the skin protector is smaller than the part of the external thread in the sealing cup.

Use distanceBTTZ cableThe 600mm gas stove flame at the opening end wth the cable, and continuously move the flame to the opening end of the cable to remove moisture in the body. Remember that only the flame can move to the opening end of the cable, otherwise water will be driven to the side of the bttz cable.

Use an ohmmeter to accurately measure the ground resistance between the wire core and the wire core, and between the wire core and the sheath. The sealing paste can be introduced into the sealing cup if the exact measurement results are as specified. The sealing paste needs to be added slowly from one side, not too quickly, to vent the gas. After filling with the sealing paste, the lid is closed, the core is then covered with heat shrink tape, and the heat shrink film is subsequently developed. Finally, the ground resistance is again accurately measured with an ohmmeter. If the cable jacket is too low, do it again.

Installation of pipeline connection engineering construction methods. Before installation, the steel hose with socket and screw shall be scrubbed with a neat cloth to clean the pipe head and parts, free of droplets or water drops. When the hose and parts are connected, a layer of conductive compound lubricating grease shall be added between the hose and parts. After the hose is connected to the spare parts, tighten the screw with a screwdriver until the screw breaks.

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