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Liaoning Jinda cable tells you what is the role of shielded cable

Liaoning Jinda CableThe electromagnetic noise environment in industrial application sites is often very complex, and electromagnetic noise radiation or conduction (EMI) may seriously interfere with the normal operation of electromechanical equipment. In this process, the various cables used in production line equipment are important carriers of electromagnetic noise propagation. Some are noise sources and some are interference objects. As a noise source, cables spread the noise to surrounding lines and equipment, just like radio antennas. As a disturbed object, the cable acts like a receiving antenna, absorbing noise interference from other radiation sources.


Liaoning Jinda CableTell you to pay attention to large power switches, induction heaters, large transformers... They all may emit high levels of conductive noise and radiated interference. Placing the signal line near the power line also causes noise to couple onto the signal line. The use of shielded cables is a very important way to combat electromagnetic noise in electrical circuits.

Liaoning Jinda CableTell you that a shielded cable is one or more (mutually insulated) conductors covered by a common conductive layer. This common conductive layer is the shielding layer of the cable, which is usually composed of copper stranded wires (or other metals, such as aluminum) braid, non-braided spiral coils of copper tape, or a conductive polymer layer.

Liaoning Jinda CableTell you that the shielding layer can be wrapped inside the signal line or power line to prevent electromagnetic noise interference in two ways. In both cases, electromagnetic noise is not transmitted directly to the line conductor. Although sometimes the noise energy may still pass through the shield, it is usually attenuated too much to cause interference. Therefore, it is very effective to use shielding for cables, whether the cable itself is a source of interference or an object of interference.

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