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Dry goods sharing, a minute to take you to understand Liaoning Jinda cable manufacturing raw materials

Liaoning Jinda cable is a general designation for optical cables, cables and other items. Liaoning Jinda cable has many uses, mainly used to control installation, connect equipment, transmit power and other functions. They are common and indispensable things in daily life. As the cable is live, special care should be taken when installing.


What is the manufacturing raw material of Liaoning Jinda cable? The cable is mainly made of pvc plastic particles processing sheath insulation and various specifications of copper wire stranded into a cable.

Wire and cable is made through three processes: drawing, twisting and cladding. The more complex the model and specification, the higher the repeatability. What is the production process of Liaoning Jinda cable? Let's analyze it together.

1. Pull. In metal pressure processing, the metal is forced to pass through the mold (pressure wheel) under the action of external force, and the cross-sectional area of the metal is compressed to obtain the required cross-sectional area shape and size. This technical processing method is called metal stretching. The stretching process is divided into: monofilament stretching and stranding stretching.

2. Stranding. In order to improve the flexibility and integrity of the wire and cable, more than two single strands are wound together in the specified direction, which is called twisting. The stranding process is divided into: conductor stranding, cable, weaving, steel wire armor and winding.

3. Covering. According to the different performance requirements of the wire and cable, the use of special equipment in the conductor coated with different materials. The coating process is divided:

A. Extrusion: rubber, plastic, lead, aluminum and other materials. B. Longitudinal wrap: rubber and corrugated aluminum strip material. C. Winding: tape, mica tape, alkali-free glass fiber tape, non-woven fabric, plastic tape, etc. and linear fiber materials such as cotton and silk. D. Dip coating: insulating paint, asphalt, etc.

Liaoning Jinda cable has a wide range of products and applications, involving electric power, construction, communications, manufacturing and other industries, and is closely related to various departments of the national economy. Cable is also known as the "artery" and "nerve" of the national economy. It is an indispensable basic equipment for transporting electric energy, transmitting information, manufacturing various motors, instruments and meters, and realizing electromagnetic energy conversion. It is also the basic product of future electrification and information society. So, does anyone know what precautions are taken in the transportation and storage of wires and cables?

1. During transportation, it is strictly forbidden to drop cables or cable trays with cables from high places, especially under low temperature conditions (generally around 5°C and below), throwing or dropping cables may cause insulation and sheath cracking.

2. Avoid storing cables in the open as much as possible. The cable reel is not allowed to be laid flat.

3. When lifting the packaging, it is forbidden to lift several boards at the same time. On vehicles, ships and other means of transport, appropriate methods should be used to fix the cable reel to prevent mutual collision or overturning to prevent mechanical damage to the cable.

4. The cable is strictly prohibited from contact with acid, alkali and mineral oil, and should be stored in isolation from these corrosive substances. The warehouse where cables are stored shall be free of harmful gases that destroy insulation and corrode metals.

5. During the storage period, the cable should be rolled up regularly (once every three months in summer, and can be postponed as appropriate in other seasons). When rolling, the edge of the downward storage tray should be rolled up to prevent the bottom surface from being damp and rotting. Pay attention to whether the cable head is in good condition during storage.

The storage period of the cable is limited to the delivery date of the product, generally not more than one and a half years, and not more than two years.

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