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Liaoning Jinda cable tell you what are the common cable ports? What is the role?

Liaoning Jinda cable tell you what are the common cable ports? What is the role?


Liaoning Jinda Cable tells you that in daily life, when we use communication equipment, we often use many different cable interfaces, but not everyone can accurately distinguish these interfaces and avoid errors. Today, I am here with you to learn about common cable interface types.

Liaoning Jinda cable tells you RS232 asynchronous transmission standard interface

The RS232 interface is a standard asynchronous transmission interface developed by the Electronic Industries Association EIA. Usually the rS-232 interface form is 9-pin (DB-9) or 25-pin (DB-25), which is one of the commonly used communication interfaces for personal computers.

Liaoning Jinda cable tells you HDMI high-definition multimedia interface

HDMI is a high-definition audio transmission, high-quality transmission of uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio data, no digital/analog or analog/digital conversion is required before signal transmission, which can ensure the high quality of audio and video signal transmission, and the data transmission speed can reach 48Gbps(2.1 version). In addition, HDMI supports EDID and DDC2B, so devices with HDMI have a "plug and play" function. The source and display device will automatically "negotiate" and automatically select the appropriate video/audio format.

Liaoning Jinda cable tells you VGA video graphics array interface

VGA is a high resolution, fast display speed, rich color video graphics array. It is a computer display standard using analog signals proposed by IBM in 1987. VGA interface is not only the standard interface of CRT display equipment, but also the standard interface of LCD display equipment, which has a wide range of applications. VGA interface has 15 pins, divided into 3 rows, each row of 5 holes. It is a more widely used interface type on graphics cards and can be used on most graphics cards. Both red, green, and blue analog signals can be transmitted, and synchronization signals (horizontal signals and vertical signals) can be transmitted.

Liaoning Jinda cable tells you Iv. DVI video graphics array interface

DVI stands for Audio-Free Digital Video Interface. It is a technology that can transmit digital signals at high speed without digital-to-analog conversion. DVI interface has many specifications, commonly used are DVI- a, DVI- d and DVI-I. DVI video transmission avoids the number conversion of the sender (usually a graphics card) and the number conversion of the receiver (usually a liquid crystal display) during the transmission of analog video signals, as well as the problem of noise interference during the transmission of analog signals, so the image has no loss.

Liaoning Jinda cable tells you SDI interface

SDI is an abbreviation for Serial Digital Interface. Broadcast high-definition digital input and output ports, radio and television cameras are commonly used. The SDI port transfer rate is 2.97Gbps. Using a single copper shaft for signal transmission, wiring construction is very convenient, in the early field of radio and television and security is very popular.

USB communication serial bus interface

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a serial bus standard connecting computer systems and peripheral devices. It was jointly launched by Intel and other companies in 1996 at the end of 1994. It has successfully replaced serial and parallel ports and has become a necessary interface for today's computers and a large number of intelligent devices. USB interface supports plug-and-play and hot-plug functions. It is widely used in information and communication products such as personal computers and mobile devices. The new generation is USB3.1. The transmission speed is 10Gbit/s, the three-phase voltage is 5V/12V/20V, and the maximum power is 100W. The new C- type plug type is no longer divided into positive and negative.

c type interface

The USB Type-C, or Type-C for short, is a hardware interface specification for the Universal Serial Bus (USB). Type-C double-sided pluggable interface is characterized by supporting the USB interface double-sided insertion, officially solved the world-wide "USB never plug" problem. The new interface is characterized by a thinner design, faster transmission speed (up to 20Gbps) and more power (up to 100W), as well as a thinner and lighter USB cable.

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