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Application of Cable Flexible Fire Protection in Flame Retardant Grade

When it comes to cables, I believe they are exposed to them in the usual learning and living environment, and they are often used. In all kinds of cables, what are the characteristics of flexible fireproof cables?

First of all, the flexible fire resistance of the cable meets several standards and regulations in terms of flame retardant grade. At the same time, its duration, whether it is the application of single-core cable or multi-core cable, can meet the length of the power supply system.

Second, the insulating layer is a non-combustible material. If there is no harmful substance, it will not cause thick smoke when the electrical switch is accidentally damaged, and the total flow of the cross section is very large, with overload capacity.

In addition to the above, the cable also has high quality corrosion resistance. Sometimes the insulation surface can be directly introduced into the plastic hose or galvanized pipe, but the plastic hose is very easy to age and become brittle, and the galvanized pipe is easy to rust. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the shaft sleeve does not need to cross the pipeline. If the shaft sleeve is used, the corrosion energy will be more superior.

When laying flexible fireproof support frame of flexible mineral insulated cable, cable support frame, hook or metal material rope shall be selected along the total length. For large span, the following requirements must be met:


1, to achieve the bearing capacity of applicable parts and high-quality cable surface and cable core.

2, so that the cable can be equipped with each other neatly

3, into the work of the layout of the provisions of the situation.

4. The general support frame (arm support frame) for cables shall be applied immediately. The allowable span of the support shall conform to the following standard values

5. Parts such as tooling fixtures, cable ties, twines or shoulder parts used for fixing cables shall have smooth surface, conducive to assembly, sufficient impact toughness and durability suitable for use scenes.

The selection of parts for cable fixing must meet the following requirements:

1. In addition to the condition of AC single-phase electric and power engineering cables, anti-rust flat steel fixtures or ties and plastic-plated metal wire ties can be adopted. Stronger corrosive natural environment should use cable ties or plastic coated metal material cable tie.

2. The rigidity of AC single-phase electric and power engineering cables shall be fixed. Aluminum alloy profiles shall be used to form tooling fixtures with magnetic closed loops. For other installation methods, cable ties or ropes can be used.

3, can not use thin wire immediately tie the cable

4, located in the DC traction belt of electrical equipment around the railway, the cable and support should be set between the insulation gasket.

RTTZ(YTTW) copper core rolled copper sheathed flexible mineral insulated cable flexible fireproof, rated voltage 06/1kV;NG-A(BTL Y) aluminum sheathed flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable, rated voltage 06/1kV;BBTRZ low smoke halogen free outer sheath flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable, rated voltage 06/1kV, etc.


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