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Important raw materials for flexible fire protection of cables

Compared with general cables, flexible fireproof cables have many excellent characteristics. First, flexible fireproof cables have stable quality, high quality and low price. They also have the characteristics of heat resistance and fire safety effect. Therefore, flexible fireproof cables are more and more warmly welcomed by the market when everyone's awareness of fire safety is slowly improving.

Like most cables, the important raw material for flexible fire prevention of cables is copper. Its structural features are high conductivity copper conductor, inorganic light magnesium oxide insulation and seamless splicing of air conditioning copper tube sheath. Its heat resistance can help it to operate normally in a high temperature environment of 250 ℃. Even if it rises to 1000 ℃, the flexible fire prevention cable can continuously supply the power system for 3 hours, and its heat resistance is especially excellent.

Flexible cable fire not only has the characteristics of heat resistance, but also has many excellent characteristics, the first of its duration can reach a relatively long length, whether it is a single core or multi-core flexible cable, the duration of each cable can reach 1000 meters.


Second, the flexible cable is non-toxic in fire prevention, combustion and smoke control. It is an energy-saving cable. The insulation uses inorganic raw materials and is not easy to ignite. Moreover, the burning of the cable will not cause all harmful substances and it is not easy to produce a lot of thick smoke. In the past, when fire accidents occurred, the staff could not escape. On the contrary, it was a lot of thick smoke released when the flame burned objects that made the staff unable to breathe, the flexible fireproof cable smoke control non-toxic characteristics can help the fire accident scene work personnel successfully escape, so it is a kind of energy saving and environmental protection and safety goods.

In addition, the flexible fireproof cable has a long service life. The inorganic insulating raw materials are heat-resistant and not easy to age. Its service life is many times higher than that of organic chemical insulated cables. Under normal startup, its service life can reach nearly 100 years. In addition, the flexible fireproof cable itself has a processing technology and installation, and its cost is also low, and the market price is very high.

Cable product specifications type quite a lot, if carefully read it will be very complicated. That today the key to understand this one of them: "flexible fire cable". If it weren't for professionals, it would undoubtedly feel strange to listen to this. However, it goes without saying that we can understand the flexible cable just by looking at the name. This type of cable has the effect of fire safety; also known as mineral insulated cable, good flexibility, excellent shielding characteristics, corrosion resistance, high application, sturdiness and durability, etc., are widely used in higher standards and strict requirements of site applications.

The advantages of flexible fireproof cable is also very large, and the utilization rate of different natural environment sites will be relatively high. If you need to use cables and cables in your daily life, you can use them according to one of the advantages of flexible fireproof cables, whether they will be applied and necessary. Naturally, we still have to choose and buy with full consideration. The ideal is good.

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