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The characteristics and advantages of cable flexible fire protection

Cable flexible fire protectionFeatures and advantages

Now the power system is widely used. In order to adapt to different application conditions, cable flexible fire protection has been widely used. The fire protection cable editor will introduce the characteristics and advantages of cable flexible fire protection. Cable flexible fire protection is usually made into a drag chain motion system. As a kind of excellent power transmission data, cable flexible fire protection is widely used in all walks of life. Due to its outstanding flexibility, more uses of flexible fireproof cables are being discovered, such as the current flexible cables, which are not only used for power transmission, but also for signal transmission. Due to its outstanding mobile function, the towing chain cable is also known as mobile cable, robot cable and towing cable.

In order to keep the flexible cable from being worn during exercise and maintain its outstanding flexibility, the jacket generally uses Cai Yonggang's flexible wear-resistant material. This type of data has low viscosity, but high hardness, flexibility, toughness, and wear resistance. It can well accept the wear caused by exercise, but it should be noted that we still need to reduce the resistance of the flexible cable in daily use to reduce wear, extend the service life of flexible fireproof cable.

Generally speaking, flexible cables can be divided into the following types: flexible control cables, flexible power cables, flexible data cables and flexible servo cables. If subdivided, they can be divided into: sensor cables, also called coding cables, servo motor cables, Robot cables, cleaning cables, traction system cables.

Flexible control cable is a common flexible cable. The so-called flexible control cable is the cable mainly used to control the towing cable system. The sheath of flexible control cable has three materials: PVC, PUR and PETP, of which PVC material is more common. These three kinds of data are high-density data, which is very useful for avoiding cable wear, this cable is characterized by flame retardant, small winding radius, good PUR and PETE data resistance, acid and alkali resistance, temperature resistance and UV resistance. Flexible power cables are similar to flexible control cables.

Flexible data cable, also known as flexible bus cable, like flexible servo cable, is a kind of flexible cable used for data transmission. Generally, PUR and PETP data are used as sheath, which has excellent maintenance function and excellent resistance and resistance, and because it is often laid in the computer room, it has excellent flame retardant function.


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