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What is the principle of choosing a flexible fire protection cable?

Cable flexible fire protectionThe purchase is very important, related to the normal work and safety in the future, so you must keep your eyes open when purchasing. The following is the purchase principle of flexible cables:

The basic principle of flexible cable fire selection 1: current carrying capacity

What is the current carrying capacity? To put it bluntly, it is the current value that the cable can withstand in use, and the current carrying capacity generally refers to the current value under a larger limit. Therefore, when purchasing a cable, you need to check whether the structural design of the cable adopts a derating design. On this point, as long as it is a regular cable, it will be explained in detail in the product manual. In addition, you need to check the insulation value and withstand voltage at the cable pin, see if it meets the application requirements.

Cable flexible fire protection to buy the basic principles 2: cable structure size

Generally, the size of the line used in different places is different. As we all know, the larger the cable size, the greater the current value that the cable can withstand.

The basic principle of flexible cable fire selection 3: impedance matching

Not only flexible cables, other types of cables generally have impedance requirements. As long as they are in use, in order to realize the function of signal transmission, especially in the environment with large magnetic field interference, the impedance matching requirements for cables are more strict. It is necessary to know that the impedance of cables does not match during use. If it is not serious, it may lead to intermittent signal transmission and signal reflection if it is serious, causes signal reception to fail.

Cable flexible fire protection to buy the basic principles of 4: shielding

In order to improve the signal transmission of the cable, it is necessary to reinforce a shielding layer on the outer layer of the cable to shield the external environment. In this regard, the flexible cable mainly adopts the injection molding method to weld the shielding layer and the inner protective sleeve together. This will also be explained in the product specification, and the "shielding function" will generally be marked under the function ";

The basic principle of flexible cable fire selection 5: reliability

Whether the cable is reliable, that is, whether it is safe, the flexible cable adopts surface contact or point contact, which promotes the connection part to be closer and more reliable in use.


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