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WireAs the main carrier of power transmission, cable is widely used in electrical equipment, lighting lines, household appliances and so on. Its quality has a direct impact on the quality of the project and the safety of consumers' lives and property, there are many wire varieties in the market, according to their own electricity load to use the right wire.
Some of the wires sold in the market are cheaper and some are more expensive, and some people tend to choose cheaper ones. But, cheapWireThere are often many performances that do not reach the kind of performance he explained. It may bring many potential safety hazards to yourself.WireThe production technology content is not too high, and there is not much difference in raw materials. If it is too cheap, it is either jerry-built or the quantity is not enough. How can we identify it? I will tell you several methods that are easier to identify:
1. Look at the packaging. National standard wires are often made better, neat, and have a sense of quality in hand.
2. Open the package and look at the wires inside. The national standard wire 1.5-6 square wire requires a skin thickness (insulation thickness) of 0.7mm. Too thick is non-standard, and his inner core is definitely not enough. You can pull the thread hard, but what is not easy to tear is generally the national standard.
3. Burn it with fire, and those that go out within 5s after leaving and have certain flame retardant function are national standard lines.
The country has certain requirements for the thickness of the inner core, but it is not very strict. The higher the brightness of the inner core material (copper), the better the copper. And uniform luminosity, luster, no layering, the national standard requires the inner core must use oxygen-free copper, non-standard such as black rod copper, there may be hidden dangers of accidents.
5. The state stipulates that a certain logo must be marked on the wire. The maximum size will not exceed 500mm and the next same logo will be marked. Generally, there are trademarks, manufacturer names, implementation standards, etc.

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