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Introduction of flexible fireproof cable

 Cable flexible fire protectionIt is a kind of wire and cable capable of high temperature resistance and fire resistance. Compared with the traditional wire and cable, it can not only avoid the occurrence of fire, but also improve the safety of the family. In the process of use, it can maintain flexibility, not easy to break and high temperature resistance, which greatly enhances the service life of the cable. Compared with traditional cables, it has higher safety, longer service life, better electrical performance and better environmental performance.

Cable flexible fire protection is suitable for residential, hospital, college, subway, highway and other public places. In the installation of flexible fireproof cable, pay special attention to protect the wire core, avoid pressure, shock, bending and other damage, do a good job in the insulation of the joint, in order to give full play to the fire performance. With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life, the attention to family safety will also increase. As a key firewall for fire safety, flexible fireproof cable has a broad market prospect.

The use of flexible cable fireproof in the home can improve the safety of life and avoid electrical fires caused by aging damage to the line. With the improvement of people's requirements for the quality of family life, the use of flexible fireproof cables will become more and more popular. In modern society, cable products are ubiquitous, and the resulting security issues have gradually attracted people's attention. In order to avoid the occurrence of cable fire, a new type of flexible fireproof cable has appeared on the market, which can effectively improve the fire resistance of the cable. So, what are the advantages of flexible fireproof cable, and in what areas?

Cable flexible fire protection using double woven layer, multi refractory layer, strengthening layer and other multiple protective measures, has good heat resistance, flame resistance characteristics, that is, in the case of flame exposure can also ensure power transmission, can effectively reduce the probability of fire. Compared with traditional fireproof cables, flexible fireproof cables are softer in material and can be tortuous. They are suitable for occasions that need to be bent, such as inside machinery and equipment, air conditioning ducts, etc.

Flexible cable fire not only has the characteristics of fire resistance, high flexibility, easy installation, but also can be widely used in places with high fire risk, such as hotels, shopping malls, stations, hospitals and other public places. Flexible fire cable flexibility and easy processing characteristics can reduce the construction difficulty and cost, at the same time, improve the installation efficiency of personnel, greatly reduce the construction cost of the whole project, in line with the modern enterprise pursuit of high quality, low cost development concept. The use of fireproof and environmentally friendly materials not only does not produce the release of toxic and harmful substances during use, but also is more environmentally friendly in the production process, which meets the requirements of sustainable development.

Flexible fire protection of cable has multiple advantages such as good fire resistance, high flexibility, strong practicability, cost saving and environmental protection, which is widely used in places with high fire risk. Of course, we also need to strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance of the cable during use, replace the aging cable in time, and ensure the good working condition of the cable.


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