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Low smoke halogen-free cable manufacturers

Low smoke zero halogen (Low smoke zero), referred to as LSZH, LSOH, LS0H, LSFH and OHLS, is the material classification of wire sheath in the wire and cable industry,Low-smoke halogen-free cableThe sheath is composed of a thermoplastic or thermosetting composition that has a low smoke emission when heated and does not contain halogen.
Most of the network wire coating is composed of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride or thermoplastic polyurethane, if the fire, chlorine containing plastic will release toxicGasIf you encounter water, hydrochloric acid will be produced, andLow-smoke halogen-free cableNo hydrogen halides or other acids are released in case of fire. Low-smoke halogen-free materials can reduce the toxic and corrosive gases produced during their combustion. If low-smoke halogen-free materials are often used in poorly ventilated environments such as airplanes, train carriages or ships, low-smoke halogen-free materials are also commonly used in the railway industry, because there will be high-voltage lines or signal lines transmitting train positions under the railway. The use of low-smoke halogen-free materials also reduces the toxic gases accumulated when the line is damaged by fire or short circuit. For example, in the railway industry or shipbuilding industry, one of the most important requirements is to protect personnel and equipment from being exposed to toxic and corrosive gases. In these occasions, low-smoke halogen-free materials are required to be used in the outer layer of wires and cables.
Liaoning Jinda Cable Co., Ltd. is one of the production bases invested by the group headquarters. The group's headquarters is located in Tianjin World Financial Center. It has nearly 100 sales companies in major cities such as Northeast, North, Northwest, East and Central China. It has successively set up production bases in Tianjin, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Shaanxi and Liaoning provinces to support a strong production and sales service network. If you need to contact us at any time, we look forward to cooperating with you!

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