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Mineral fireproof cable characteristics-mineral fireproof cable manufacturers

1、Mineral fireproof cableWorking temperature: the long-term working temperature of mineral fireproof cable is 70 ℃, and the long-term working temperature of mineral insulated cable is 105 ℃ in untouched occasions. In special high temperature occasions, the long-term working temperature can be 250 ℃ and below, 950-1000 ℃ can continuously supply power for more than 3 hours, and the short-term or very short-term working temperature can reach 1083 ℃.
2、Mineral fireproof cableLife: Because the cable is composed of inorganic materials, it will not age, and its service life can reach hundreds of years.
3, green environmental protection: cable materials are inorganic, does not contain any organic matter. Therefore, even if the cable is heated at 1000°C, it will not produce the slightest smoke, and it is free of halogen and toxic gases. The cable is a safe product that can truly achieve green environmental protection.
4, small diameter, light weight: compared with the same current-carrying plastic cable, mineral fireproof cable diameter and weight to reduce a lot. It can not only reduce the occupied space, but also facilitate the installation.
5. High mechanical strength: the cable structure is dense and durable. Can withstand external force extrusion, impact, bending, flattening, etc., in the cable flattened to the original cable diameter 1/3~2/3, can continue to use safely.
High working temperature: As the melting point temperature of the insulating layer magnesium oxide is higher than the melting point temperature of copper, the maximum normal working temperature of the bare cable can reach 250 ℃. Short-term operation can be continued at a temperature close to the melting point of copper of 1083°C.
7. Fire prevention, anti-corrosion and anti-riot: As the cable adopts seamless copper tube as sheath, the conductor, insulation and sheath are compacted tightly. Therefore, it not only has to prevent water, moisture, oil and some chemical substances against, but also has to prevent the spread of flammable oil vapor and flame.
8. Good grounding:Mineral fireproof cableThere is no need for a separate ground line. Because the copper sheath of the cable has been used as a ground wire, and can provide very low ground resistance, compared with the organic cable can save a ground wire.

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