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Analysis of Liaoning High Voltage Cable Manufacturers: Causes of Wire and Cable Aging

There are several reasons for the aging of wires and cables, todayLiaoning High Voltage Cable ManufacturersLet's take you to analyze, hoping to help you.

1. Whether the current leaks or even short-circuit fires; 2. The heat insulation layer becomes hard and cracked; 3. The contact resistance increases and the joint becomes hot.

The reasons for cable aging are as follows, to followLiaoning High Voltage Cable ManufacturersSee in detail:

1. Long-term overload operation. During overload operation, due to the thermal effect of the current, when the load current passes through the cable, it will inevitably cause the conductor to heat up. At the same time, the skin effect of the charge, the eddy current loss of the steel armor and the loss of the insulating medium will also generate additional heat, which will increase the temperature of the cable.



2. Environment and temperature. The external environment and heat source of the cable will also cause the cable temperature to be too high, insulation damage, and even explosion and fire.Liaoning High Voltage Cable ManufacturersIn this remind the majority of users to pay attention to check at any time.

3. External damage. According to the operation analysis in recent years, quite a number of cable failures are caused by mechanical damage.

4. The insulation material is wet. Usually, it occurs at the cable joint of a directly buried pipeline or exhaust pipe. Over time, water branches will be formed under the action of the electric field, which will gradually damage the insulation strength of the cable and cause failure.

5. Cable connector failure. Cable joints are the weakest link in the cable line, and cable joint failures often occur due to direct errors (poor construction).Liaoning High Voltage Cable ManufacturersIt is recommended to find a reliable business.

6. Chemical corrosion. When the cable is directly buried in the area with acid-base effect, the armor, lead skin or outer protective layer of the cable is often corroded, and the protective layer is subjected to chemical corrosion or electrolytic corrosion for a long time, resulting in the failure of the protective layer, the reduction of insulation and the failure of the cable.

Wire aging increases power consumption. After the wire is aged, if the outer insulating sheath is damaged, it will not only increase power consumption, but also cause circuit fire. It needs to be replaced in time.

At a constant height, the aging of the wire will accelerate. When the temperature is too high, the outer insulating sheath will be ignited, causing a fire. In real life, many people who don't know the common sense of circuits just use a wire cutter to twist two or three times when connecting two wires, which results in a small contact surface of the two wires at the joint.

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