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What are the characteristics of BTTZ cable

BTTZ cable is mainly composed of inorganic substances (metal copper and magnesium oxide powder), so it has excellent conductivity and impossible to burn, the design of copper tube as the outer sheath can be used as grounding wire. Of course, these advantages are not onlybttz mineral cable manufacturersAll of this, his magic is not only that, let me introduce it to you,BTTZ cable manufacturersWhat is the magic in the end.


First, it is impossible to burn or support combustion. Since the melting point of copper is 1083 degrees Celsius, the mineral insulation layer is also above 1000 degrees Celsius, therefore, this cable can maintain power supply in the vicinity of the melting point of copper, is a real fireproof cable. Can pass BS6387 C, W, Z test.


Large carrying capacity, waterproof. Duebttz mineral cable manufacturersThe actual normal working temperature can reach 250 ℃, so IEC 60702 stipulatesBTTZ cable manufacturersThe continuous working temperature is 105 ℃, taking into account the needs and safety of the terminal sealing material. Nevertheless, the carrying capacity of BTTZ mineral cable manufacturers is much higher than other cables, because BTTZ cable manufacturers have better thermal conductivity than plastics. Therefore, at the same working temperature, the carrying capacity is greater. For lines larger than 16mm2, one section can be reduced, and two sections can be reduced where no one is allowed to touch.


Anti-explosion and anti-corrosion characteristics:BTTZ cable manufacturersUsing a metal sheath as a protective layer, combustible gas, oil vapor and flame cannot reach the electrical equipment connected to the cable, so the cable has explosion-proof characteristics. Corrosion resistance: Because copper has better corrosion resistance, no additional protection is required in normal use environments. Under special environmental conditions, such as the environment of strong corrosion of copper, a layer of PVC sheath is added to the cable to make the cable have good corrosion resistance.


Anti-mechanical damage, long life, halogen-free, non-toxic. Mechanical damage resistance: Because the metal sheath of the cable has a certain strength and toughness, when the cable is bent, flattened and twisted, the relative position between the core wire and the sheath remains unchanged, and there will be no short circuit. It will not affect the electrical performance. Long life: Because the materials used in the cable are inorganic materials, it will not age. Its service life can be calculated according to the oxidation corrosion rate of the copper sheath. The data show that the sheath oxidation is 0.25mm, and it takes 257 years at 250 ℃. The thickness of the sheath of BTTZ cable manufacturers is generally between 0.34 and 1.05mm, and the operating temperature is lower than 250 ℃, which has the characteristics of long service life. Halogen-free and non-toxic: Since all cables are composed of inorganic materials (copper and mineral insulation), even if they burn at 1000°C, they will not produce smoke, halogen and toxic gases. They are truly halogen-free and non-toxic cables.


Overload resistance and copper sheath can be used for grounding wire. Overload resistance: Since the melting point of copper is 1083 C, the mineral insulation layer exceeds 1000 C, compared with ordinary plastic cables,bttz mineral cable manufacturersThe load-bearing capacity can be increased by one section level and can withstand considerable overload.BTTZ cable manufacturersThe overload capacity can reach 10 times the normal carrying capacity. Copper sheath can be used as grounding wire: Bttz mineral cable manufacturers, due to its continuity and extremely low grounding resistance, copper sheath can be used as grounding wire, without the need for a separate grounding wire.


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