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Bttz mineral cable manufacturer on how to quickly locate cable faults

bttz mineral cable manufacturersRegarding how to quickly locate cable faults, the occurrence of cable faults is accompanied by the use of cable laying. With the different cable laying methods, the location of cable faults gradually increases. Among them, the bridge, tunnel, ditch positioning search is relatively simple, the most difficult to find the direct buried way. When the nature of the fault is simple, a special cable fault location device is used to locate the fault within tens of minutes. When the fault is special, often need4-5 days or even longer to locate the fault.

bttz mineral cable manufacturersHow to quickly locate cable faults and how to quickly develop accurate positioning methods for cable fault points.

How to accurately locate the cable fault, which is known to be the total length of the fault data cable, the method is characterized by the following steps: removing the load of the cable fault, separating the end of the thread from the core, and suspending to the detection point of the position of the cable fault at the end; The digital measurement of the insulation resistance separated by the belt tester, and the insulation resistance of the steel belt and the shielded magnetic core to determine the fault core,bttz mineral cable manufacturersOn how to quickly locate the cable fault, that is, between the cores where the core fault is located.; Then the core of the fault, and the measured DC resistance of the fault between each core and the shielding strip;? The measured DC resistance is less than or equal to 1 kilo-ohm, using the cable fault location reflection wave bridge and the cable fault to determine the fault location. The value of the fault point between the fault point; the measured fault location device is different from the tolerance distance,bttz mineral cable manufacturersRegarding how to quickly locate the cable fault in this case, the reflected wave to the cable fault locator test result subject, the difference is less than or equal to the tolerance of the distance between the two devices will be measured within the fault location is determined as the fault point range; The greater the measured DC resistance is not greater than 1kΩ, the cable fault locator uses any reflected wave of the fault to determine the value of the core cable length between the fault point and the detection point to determine the fault location measurement.


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