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What are the requirements of bttz mineral cable manufacturers for the use of high voltage cables?

bttz mineral cable manufacturersRegarding the use requirements of high-voltage cables, high-voltage cables are generally not buried in the ground. If they are buried in the ground, even insulation is not allowed. It is because the AC ionization is too close, so that all cables will be effectively short-circuited to the ground due to capacitive effect and so on, thus unable to transmit power. However, high-voltage cables can still be buried in the soil, but need to be placed in the cable trench, insulation should be done in place. But the cost is relatively high, suitable for short-distance use, it is part of the municipal use of large cities, most of the use of cheap overhead lines in the field. But not too long distance, the longer the line, the greater the equivalent capacitance, then the more energy use capacitance effect loss.

1)bttz mineral cable manufacturersRegarding the use of high-voltage cables, there is no effective insulation material on the outer layer of the conductor, and the UHV conductor is exposed and cannot be buried underground. There are distributed capacitors around the wires. Current can leak out through these capacitors. On the one hand, it increases consumption. On the other hand, if any animal approaches, there is a risk of electric shock.

2)bttz mineral cable manufacturersRegarding the use of high-voltage cables, air is required to be an insulator and ground is a conductor. In the air, as long as the direct wire rack here can, but on the ground, to the outside of the line plus a layer of insulation shell, or the wire in the electrical did not go far, the leakage will not drain much.

3)bttz mineral cable manufacturersThe use of high-voltage cables requires underground cables to be more complex than overhead lines, with high technical development requirements, manufacturing and construction management difficulties. In addition, the cables are buried underground, so it is not easy to find problems and faults, and maintenance and maintenance are also difficult. Generally speaking, the cost control of underground cables with the same working voltage level will be several times or even dozens of times that of an air high-voltage line.


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