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Bttz mineral cable manufacturers on special wire and cable characteristics

bttz mineral cable manufacturersWith regard to the characteristics of special wires and cables, electricity accounts for every aspect of people's lives. In people's daily life, different professions and fields are used in power supply. The importance of electricity can be seen. With the close contact of wires and cables, the continuous development of technology network, the demand for wires and cables is also increasing, and the cable model specifications will continue to increase. In order to truly master this knowledge.

bttz mineral cable manufacturersWith regard to the characteristics of special wire and cable, special cable is a series of problems with its own unique performance and special structure of the product, relative to the large amount of a wide range of ordinary wire and cable, with a relatively high technical content, more stringent requirements for the use of environmental conditions, small batch, high value-added characteristics. Special cables can often adopt new structures, new materials, new designs through calculation teaching methods and new production and processing techniques. Special wire and cable is different from ordinary, special cable is usually used in some cases or under special conditions of use in aerospace, oil exploration and metal smelting and other fields. Low noise cables are mainly used in small signal measurements in medical, industrial, defense, etc., where the bass region can be felt. Another feature of the new green wire cable and cable.

bttz mineral cable manufacturersWith regard to the characteristics of special wires and cables, the development and research directions of special cables are diversified. Military enterprises on the light weight, high temperature cable demand is particularly large. The demand for architectural design is mainly through double-layer flame-retardant, high-temperature-resistant wires and cables and low-smoke, halogen-free and environmentally friendly wires and cables, in order to improve the prevention of hidden dangers of fire and safety production accidents. Most of them use a light weight, small size, high temperature radiation crosslinking or silane crosslinking wire and cable. In many different types of special cables, the number of high-temperature cable market economy demand reached the highest, can be widely used in a variety of social students short-distance data transmission large current occasions, in short supply. For examplebttz mineral cable manufacturers bttz mineral cable, it has some high temperature resistance, fire prevention, explosion-proof, non-burning, and carrying capacity, small diameter, high mechanical strength, long service life and other characteristics.


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