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Advantages of BTTZ mineral cable from BTTZ cable manufacturers

BTTZ cable manufacturersofThe advantages of BTTZ mineral cable are mainly composed of inorganic substances, which make it have conductivity and do not affect the possibility of burning. The design and development of using copper tube as the outer sheath can be used as grounding wire. These technical advantages can not only need to be all of BTTZ mineral insulated cables, but also the magic of BTTZ mineral insulated cables.

BTTZ cable manufacturersofThe advantages of BTTZ mineral cable are that the melting point of copper is 1083 ℃, and the mineral insulation layer is greater than 1000 ℃. In the event of a fire near the melting point of copper, the cable can continue to maintain power, a true fire-resistant cable. Through the BS6387C, W, Z test. High load capacity, waterproof. The actual normal working temperature of mineral insulated cables can reach 250 degrees Celsius. The continuous working temperature of mineral insulated cables is required to be 105 degrees Celsius. Considering the needs and safety of terminal sealing materials, it also carries more current than other cables. The thermal conductivity of mineral insulation is better than that of plastic insulation, so the same working temperature carries more current. For circuits above 16 square meters, one section can be reduced and two sections can be reduced without allowing human contact.

Corrosion protection. Explosion-proof characteristics: because the mineral insulated metal armored cable as a protective layer, the flame will not reach the electrical equipment connected to the cable, so the cable has explosion-proof characteristics. Corrosion resistance: because copper has good corrosion resistance, no environment under normal use of any additional protection, in special environmental conditions, the environment has a strong corrosive effect on the copper cable, and then addPVC outer sheath layer, the cable has good corrosion resistance.

BTTZ cable manufacturersofBTTZ mineral cable advantages, resistant to mechanical structural damage, long life, halogen-free non-toxic. Resistance to mechanical system damage: Because the metal sheath of the network cable has a certain strength and toughness, when the cable is subjected to natural bending, flattening, torsion and other deformations, the development between the core wires and the relative importance between the core wires and the sheath The position information remains unchanged, and it will not produce different short circuits by itself, nor will it directly affect the performance of the electrical equipment of the enterprise. Long life: because the materials used in the design of cables in China are all inorganic nano materials, they are not aging. Its use product life analysis can be carried out according to the copper sheath oxidation reaction corrosion rate to calculate.


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