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Bttz mineral cable manufacturers on the development of cable

bttz mineral cable manufacturersAboutCablethe development,With the development of the market and the acceleration of infrastructure construction, the sales and investment of wire and cable have attracted the attention of the industry.From 2008 to 2014, the world's overall demand for wire and cable grew by 3.2 per cent annually. Now China has become one of the world's wire and cable consumers.

According to statistics, China currently has various types of wire and cable manufacturersMore than 7000, with an output value of about 700 billion yuan. The output value is large. From the perspective of the entire industry, there are problems of low industry concentration, scattered technology, and low product technology content. According to a study by the Prospective Industry Research Institute,bttz mineral cable manufacturersAboutCablethe development,Before the wire and cable industryThe share of the top 10 companies in the domestic market is only 7-10%, the top 3 companies in the United States have a market share of 54% in the country, and the top 7 companies in Japan account for 86% of the industry..

bttz mineral cable manufacturersAboutCablethe development,The cable industry has high production capacity and unreasonable product structure. It mainly produces low value-added medium and low voltage cables. The production capacity is surplus, the market competition is fierce, and the income level is also declining. The investment force of high-end cable high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage power grid construction is increasing day by day. Most cable enterprises are difficult to produce the products needed by the market, It has become a huge challenge for the cable industry.

In terms of market supply and demand, the world wire and cable market is maturing and the growth rate is slow. According to the international and domestic wire and cable industry development tracking analysis, the country or region's economy in the premise of growth, is in the process of industrialization, urbanization, wire and cable industry growth inincrease in GDP.bttz mineral cable manufacturersAboutCablethe development,Per CapitaThe level of GDP is far lower than that of developed countries, and the per capita cable usage level is far lower than that of moderately developed countries in Europe, and lower than that of developing countries such as Latin America. The market potential of wire and cable consumption still has a lot of room for development.


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