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BTTZ cable manufacturers on the causes of cable aging

BTTZ cable manufacturersRegarding the cause of cable aging, the insulation is reduced and the breakdown is the cause of wire and cable aging. There are many reasons for the reduction of insulation level. The actual operation experience summarizes several reasons:

(1) External damage. Most cable failures are analyzed in the development,BTTZ cable manufacturersOn the causes of cable aging, mechanical damage caused. Cable laying is not installed in normal construction, which may cause mechanical damage.; The construction of the structure is particularly vulnerable to damage cable buried cable operation. Short circuit fault, the formation of breakdown fault, there will be serious damage, affecting electricity.

2、BTTZ cable manufacturersAbout the causes of cable aging, chemical structure corrosion. If the cable is buried in the place with acid-base interaction, the armor or outer protective layer of the cable will be corroded, and the protective layer will suffer from various chemical corrosion or electrolytic corrosion for a long time, and the protective layer will fail.

3. Wet insulation. Easily occur, in the direct buried or cable joints into a pipeline. Cause the joint to accumulate water or mix with water vapor, over time will form a water tree under the action of the electric field, damage the insulation strength of the cable and cause failure.

4. Cable joint failure. Cable cable fragile link cable connector. Failure of cable joints caused by non-compliance with regulations occurs from time to time. In the production process of the cable joint, such as the joint is not tight, the cable head insulation is reduced and other reasons, resulting in accidents.

5. Overload in the long run.BTTZ cable manufacturersRegarding the causes of cable aging, during operation, the current overload heating effect causes the conductor to heat the cable, the eddy current loss and the skin effect of the steel armor, the insulation dielectric loss charge will generate additional heat and make the cable temperature. Long-term overload operation, will accelerate the aging of insulation, insulation breakdown. The cable often causes the temperature rise at the weak point of the cable insulation breakdown, and the cable failure is also particularly high.

If the outer insulating sheath is damaged, it will not only increase the line loss and power consumption, but also cause a fire, it should be replaced in time.

BTTZ cable manufacturersAs for the cause of cable aging, it will accelerate aging under high temperature for a long time, and if the temperature is too high, it will ignite the outer insulating skin, causing fire. For those who do not need to know the common sense of the system circuit, when connecting two wires to each other, they will use wire cutters to screw them two or three times without tightening them in time, which will directly lead to the contact surface of two wires at a joint becoming smaller. According to the common sense of physics, the smaller the cross-sectional area of the conductor, the greater the influence of resistance, and the calorific valueQ = I square Rt, the resistance increases continuously, which leads to the increase of different calorific values.


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