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Discussion on the Causes of Cable Fire Caused by BTTZ Cable Manufacturers

ElectricityCableThe insulation layer is composed of paper, oil, hemp, rubber, plastic, asphalt and other combustible substances. Therefore, the cable has the possibility of fire and explosion, and the cause of the cable fire and explosion is:

(1) insulation damage caused by short-circuit fault, power cable protection lead in the laying of the damage or in the operation of the cable insulation by mechanical damage, causing the cable phase or lead between the insulation breakdown, the resulting arc so that the insulation material and the cable outer protective layer material burning fire.

(2) Long-term overload operation of the cable, long-term overload operation, the operating temperature of the cable insulation material exceeds the maximum allowable temperature for normal heating, causing the insulation of the cable to age and dry. This phenomenon of insulation aging and drying usually occurs on the entire cable line. Due to the aging and drying of the cable insulation, the insulation material loses or reduces its insulation and mechanical properties, thus prone to breakdown, fire and combustion, even along the entire length of the cable multiple simultaneous burning fire.

(3) Oil immersionCableLeakage and oil leakage occur due to height difference. When the height difference of oil-immersed cable is large, cable oil leakage may occur. As a result of the flow, the upper part of the cable is dried up due to the loss of oil. The thermal resistance of this part of the cable increases, causing the paper insulation to coke and break down in advance. In addition, due to the upper part of the oil down, the upper cable head to make room and generate negative pressure, so that the cable is easy to absorb moisture and make the end damp, the lower part of the cable due to the accumulation of oil to produce a lot of static pressure, prompting the cable head oil leakage. Cable moisture and oil leakage have increased the chance of failure and fire.

(4) Insulation breakdown of the intermediate joint box, oxidation, heating and glue flow of the intermediate joint of the cable joint box due to improper crimping, welding or improper selection of joint materials; When making the cable intermediate joint, the quality of the insulating agent poured into the intermediate joint box does not meet the requirements. When the insulating agent is poured, there are air holes in the box and the cable box is poorly sealed or damaged and leaks into moisture. The above factors can cause insulation breakdown, form a short circuit, and cause the cable to explode and catch fire.

  (5)CableHead burning, due to the surface of the cable head is damp and polluted, the cable head porcelain sleeve is broken and the distance between the lead lines is too small, resulting in flashover fire, causing the cable head surface insulation and lead line insulation combustion.

(6) External fire and heat sources cause cable fires, such as the spread of oil system fire, the spread of oil circuit breaker explosion fire. The spontaneous combustion of pulverized coal in boiler pulverizing system or coal conveying system, baking of high temperature steam pipeline, chemical corrosion of acid and alkali, electric welding spark and other kindling can cause fire of cable.


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