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The characteristics and application of BTTZ mineral cable

  BTTZ mineral cableIt is a rigid mineral insulated cable with the best fireproof performance. The mineral insulated cables commonly used in the market are basically improved on the standard fireproof performance of BTTZ cables, and are also the most expensive mineral insulated cable models. Next, Jinda Wire and Cable will introduce the characteristics and uses of BTTZ mineral cables.

In the fire protection design code for construction engineering, the fire protection system must use mineral insulated cables. BTTZ mineral cables are one type of mineral cables, and others include yttw, btly, bbtrz, etc. It is a copper core copper sheath and magnesium oxide insulation material. It adopts drawing process and annealing treatment. It is a real fire protection cable and can keep normal power supply at 950 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃ for more than 3 hours in a fire.

  BTTZ mineral cableHigh temperature resistance, fire prevention, explosion prevention and non-combustion (continuous long-term operation at 250 ℃ and short-term operation at 1000 ℃ for 30min), large current carrying capacity, small outer diameter, high mechanical strength, long service life and generally no independent grounding wire are widely used in dangerous, harsh and high temperature environments such as nuclear power plants, metallurgy, chemical industry, mines, kilns, etc, in recent years, it has also been widely used in high-rise buildings, airports, docks, underground railways and other places to ensure the uninterrupted operation of fire power and important equipment such as fire pumps, fire elevators, local lighting, emergency evacuation instructions, security monitoring, smoke prevention and exhaust systems and self-provided power supplies in case of fire.


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