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BTTZ cable manufacturers: BTTZ cable production should pay attention to what?

Cable is often used in the power industry products, BTTZ mineral insulated cable is our company produced one of the cable products, it is a very good product, the product has a very good fire performance. BelowBTTZ cable manufacturersXiaobian simply introduce BTTZ mineral insulated cable production needs to pay attention to what.

When BTTZ mineral insulated cable is made, our manufacturer uses copper and magnesium oxide materials, so it does not burn, nor does it support combustion, and the product has a long service life, ensuring its stability and fire resistance. The inorganic materials used in the product can ensure that the cable has stability, long life and fire resistance, and can prevent steam, gas and flame from passing between the equipment parts connected to the cable.

Mineral fireproof cables transmit higher current than other types of cables. For mineral insulated cables, grounding conductors are not needed, because the copper sheath used in the cables has played the role of grounding conductors and can provide good low grounding resistance. This product can meet the needs of different customers and can be used with confidence.

The above knowledge about BTTZ mineral insulated cable, due to time reasons, today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce here. The performance and quality of this product are very guaranteed. If you have any demand for our products, please feel free to call us. Liaoning Jinda Cable Co., Ltd. is a national chain of large-scale cable production and sales enterprises have won the praise of peers and the trust of new and old customers with high-quality products and good reputation.


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