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Bttz mineral cable manufacturers teach you how to do cable water!

  CableWater ingress is a very troublesome thing. So far, there is no particularly good way to solve it. Either you are doing the middle head or you are replacing the entire cable. In response to the situation of water ingress in the cable, we generally take prevention. The method. Nextbttz mineral cable manufacturerssmall make up to teach you how to solve the problem of cable water.

1. cable water hazards.

Generally speaking, the phenomenon of "water tree aging" will occur under the action of electromagnetic field after the cable enters the water. The cable damage will not be damaged immediately. The damage is only a matter of time, which will eventually lead to cable breakdown.

2. the cause of cable water.

1. When the cable is laid and stored, the cable heads at both ends are not sealed or the sealing is not good, causing water vapor to gradually penetrate into the cable. During the cable laying process, the cable heads are not sealed well and soaked in water, or the outer insulation of the cable is broken during pipe laying, causing water to penetrate into the cable.

2. After the cable laying is completed, the cable heads at both ends are not produced in time, resulting in long-term exposure to the air or humid environment, and local cable breakdown occurs during the cable power supply operation, causing water to penetrate into the cable.

Effective solution for 3. cable water ingress.

1. Make the cable head in time after the cable is laid, and complete the wiring to prevent problems before they occur. If only water enters at both ends of the cable, just cut off the water entering part at both ends and make the cable joint wiring again. If the cable has obvious water entering point, cut off the cable near the water entering point and make the middle joint.

2. It is inevitable that there will be water accumulation in the outdoor cable well or cable channel. Try to use the bracket to lower the cable height and fix it, and use special hot nitrogen to pressurize and dry the inside of the cable. However, in general, there are few such professional equipment.

3. Conduct pressure leakage test on the cable regularly to ensure timely understanding of the operating status of the cable.

In a word, in a word, the solution to cable water ingress is to prevent it in advance and prevent it before it happens. As long as the cable water enters, it will be cut off if it is light, and scrapped if it is heavy. Once scrapped, it is likely to be a great burden economically.


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