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Bttz mineral cable manufacturers: mineral cable how to deal with emergency

Although the use of our various types of cable products is very good, but we can not avoid problems when using mineral cables. So how do we solve the problems and how do we apply them correctly?bttz mineral cable manufacturersXiao Bian will take us all to learn more about products.

When we install mineral cables, when our cables cross each other, the high-voltage cables should be under the low-voltage cables. If one of the cables is protected by a tube within 1m before and after the intersection or separated by a partition, the small allowable distance is 0.25m. Cables crossing railways or roads shall be protected through pipes. The protective pipes shall extend beyond the track or road surface by 2m. The distance between cables directly buried in the ground and the grounding of general grounding devices shall be 0.25~0.5m. The buried depth of cables directly buried in the ground shall generally not be less than 0.7m and shall be buried under the permafrost.

When the cable is close to or crossing the heating pipeline, if there is heat insulation measures, the small distance between parallel and crossing is 0.5m and 0.25m respectively. The distance between the cable and the building foundation shall ensure that the cable is buried outside the building's water distribution. Cables shall be protected by passing through pipes when introduced into buildings. The protective pipes shall also exceed the water distribution of buildings. Cables in tow chains shall not contact or be trapped together. Attention must be paid to the small bending radius of cables.

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