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Bttz mineral cable manufacturers: mineral cable in the fire should have what quality?

The fire resistance of cables and wires in fires directly determines its safety. The cables produced by cables will undergo multiple safety tests, especially mineral cables, which can maintain a high temperature of 1,000 degrees for six hours without breakdown and maintain good power-on performance.bttz mineral cable manufacturersDetailed explanation of mineral cable.

Whether in buildings or factories, the safety of electrical lines is very important. According to statistics from relevant departments, in the cause of fires, fires caused by electrical lines account for more than 50%, and cables are both the main body of the line and difficult to protect. Links, so cables must not only have the ability to resist external flame damage, but also have their own characteristics that will not produce fire sources.

Because the material of mineral cable is uniform and inorganic, the insulator magnesium oxide will not produce open flame when overload or short circuit occurs, so the line composed of mineral cable will not lead to fire. If the fire is caused by other reasons, the cable will not only be tested by raging fire, but also be continuously impacted by other falling objects. If the cable cannot isolate the fire source at this time, it will definitely have a great impact on the fire, so the fire resistance performance is also very important. At this time, while the cable does not produce smoke and toxic gases, whether it can ensure the normal starting of fire fighting equipment, fire extinguishing and personnel evacuation is the key to evaluate the fire resistance of the line.

Mineral cable in the fire to withstand the real fire resistance test, because the mineral cable in the fire is not free from outside interference, the safety performance of the product has been our pursuit of the direction, I believe that our products will bring users a safe and stable production and living environment.


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