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Liaoning Jinda Cable Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report

2021 Annual Social Responsibility of Private Enterprises in China



Enterprise Name: (Official Seal)  Liaoning Jinda Cable Co., Ltd.    


Person in charge of the enterprise: (signature)    Winson Sword               


Filling time:  2022  Year   4  Month  7  Day








All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

IIО two yearsFourmonthly system


Filling instructions

The 1. "Excellent Cases of Social Responsibility of Chinese Private Enterprises (2022)" consists of two parts: enterprise cases and character cases. The selected cases are reviewed and recommended by the Federation of Industry and Commerce or the Chamber of Commerce directly under the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce on the basis of the company's voluntary declaration. The private corporate social responsibility research group of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce formed case materials after field investigations and inspections. The leadership of the Federation for approval and the chairman's office for deliberation. After deliberation and adoption, it will be publicized on the website of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the China Business Times.

Basic conditions for 2. selected excellent cases:

1. Conditions for the selection of enterprise cases: the enterprise adheres to the correct political direction, has a good social image, has outstanding social responsibility results and distinctive characteristics, and the practice of social responsibility is typical, representative and exemplary.

2. Character case selection conditions: entrepreneurs have a correct political stand and firmly achieve "two maintenance". Have a strong sense of social responsibility, a strong sense of family and country and entrepreneurial spirit, focus on the new era and the overall situation of national development, and strive to be a model for fulfilling social responsibilities.

3. reporting companies are required to provide standardized corporate social responsibility reports and relevant certificates (electronic scanned copies) of awards or honors in fulfilling social responsibilities.

The 4. declaration form shall be filled in by the enterprise and submitted to the provincial federation of industry and commerce or the chamber of commerce directly under the all-China federation for summary. before April 20, 2022, the provincial federation of industry and commerce and the chamber of commerce directly under the all-China federation shall affix the official seal to the outstanding case declaration form and send the scanned copy of the declaration form and the electronic version of the case-related materials to the mailbox for 105190442@qq.com.

If 5. have any questions to consult, please contact the case leader of the private enterprise social responsibility research group of the all-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.


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Social responsibility of Chinese private enterprisesReport


Enterprise Information

Name of Enterprise

Liaoning Jinda Cable Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Address

Yilu Industrial Park, Tieling County Industrial Park, Tieling City, Liaoning Province

Key points of declaration

Enterprise Case         □ Person Case


Last name  Name

Wang Guoqiang

Job   Service

General Manager

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Enterprise Reviewer

Last name  Name

Winson Sword

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Jinda cable is a national chain of large-scale cable production, sales, research and development enterprises. Liaoning Jinda Cable Co., Ltd. is one of the production bases invested by the group headquarters. The group headquarters is located in Tianjin World Financial Center. It has successively established production bases in Tianjin, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Shaanxi, and Liaoning.100 sales company branches in Northeast, North China, Northwest, East China, Central China and other major cities, supporting a strong production and sales service network.

Company produced"Zinda" card35KVAnd the following cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cables, low-voltage power cables, flexible, rigid fireproof cables, mining cables, control cables, computer shielded cables, flame-retardant, fire-resistant, low-voltage halogen-free cables and various PVC insulated wires, sheathed wires,10KVOverhead insulated conductor, bare aluminum wire, steel core aluminum stranded wire, flat cable for line crane, hanging basket cable, frequency conversion cable, communication cable and other products have been served in the energy field (power station, nuclear power station, urban agricultural power grid, coal mine, petroleum, petrochemical, etc.), transportation field (civil aviation airport, railway and urban rail transit, ships and offshore ports, etc.), engineering fields (engineering construction, steel, metallurgy, construction, etc.). Landmark construction in major cities, subways, airports, Beijing Olympic Bird's Nest Project, Beijing National Technical Supervision Bureau Automobile Inspection Center, Kunming Railway Station, Harbin/Shenyang/Dalian Wanda Plaza, Shanghai World Expo Project, Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics, Xiong'an New District High-speed Railway Station, National Defense Construction and other key projects.

The company follows the principle of coordinated development of economic growth and environmental protection, maintains sustained and stable growth of economic benefits, effectively reduces energy consumption and raw material consumption in the production process, meets the requirements and standards of environmental and energy consumption emissions, and actively responds to the country and The call of the Party Central Committee, fulfill social responsibilities, and help consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation and effectively link up with rural revitalization.

1. innovation-driven high-quality development

Since the establishment of our company, adhering to the development of science and technology, continuous innovation and research and development of new products, every year there are1-2A series of new products are put on the market. Join"Liaoning Optical Cable Industry Association" and "Tieling Entrepreneur Association" strengthen cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises, and every year there are upstream enterprises supplying our company in Tieling County.5More than 10 million cooperation has promoted the development of the industrial chain.

2018Year-2020During the years, our company independently developedElastomer flexible cableNew products such as overhead energy-saving conductors, new conjoined cables that do not interfere with power and signal, PVC insulated flat overhead cables, and special cables for high temperature and waterproof heating have been put into use in the market. Among them, elastomer flexible cables have changed the production mode of rubber insulated and rubber sheathed soft conductor structure cables. Because the vulcanization process of rubber insulated and rubber sheathed soft conductor structure cables requires steam generated by boilers to promote rubber insulation and rubber sheath vulcanization in closed pipelines, this production line with closed pipelines is called rubber cable continuous vulcanization production line, which is mainly used in5On the meter-high platform, the pipeline is from5The meter-high platform is laid to the ground, and the length is about.110Meters, so this production line has special requirements for the factory building, and needs to be equipped with special boilers, which consumes a large amount of coal, causing environmental pollution. The sheath of "Elastomer Flexible Cable" has both the convenience of thermoplastic material processing and the high elasticity of thermosetting rubber, and can be used instead of rubber sheathed cable. It has the advantages of smooth surface, good flexibility, light weight, high tensile strength and the like. With ordinary extrusion machine production, do not need to carry on the vulcanization treatment, cancel the boiler, make the cable production more environmental protection, energy saving.

2019Our company introduced continuous production of fire-resistant cable production line, developedBTTZRigid fireproof series products, its metal copper sheath has the effect of resisting mechanical external forces and fireproof, in the event of a fire can be1250Normal operation under ambient temperature3 hours, no harmful gas will be produced during combustion, which provides a safe time for personnel to escape, and no "secondary pollution" will occur. It is a green environmental protection product. Under normal working conditions, its life span can reach 100More than years, the highest fire rating, the best fire prevention effect, has been put on the market, and has achieved the industry's unanimous praise.

2020The antistatic low-smoke halogen-free mine cable developed by us in, this cable is easy to produce gas explosion under the mine and can be used in the environment. it will not cause air explosion due to static electricity. at the same time, there will be no halogen gas during combustion, and the amount of smoke generated is also very small. once a fire occurs, it will not cause suffocation and death of personnel. it is a green environmental protection and safety product for mine, it has been put into use by Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhaoyuan Gold Group Co., Ltd., Shougang Malanzhuang Mining Group, and Angang Mining Group Co., Ltd., and has been unanimously recognized, which has brought a guarantee for the safety of the mine.

2. Participation in Pollution Prevention and Control to Achieve Green Development

The company attaches great importance to energy management. While actively implementing the relevant energy-saving policies and regulations of the state and government departments, the company has formulated management systems such as "Measurement Management System" and "Management Measures for the Use of Hydropower and Steam" to standardize and standardize energy management. The user department conducts assessment of corresponding indicators. In terms of equipment procurement, we select equipment with high cost performance, wear-resistant and durable, and low energy consumption through multi-party comparison and inspection, as well as Internet of Things procurement, to effectively reduce energy consumption and raw material consumption in the production process. To meet the requirements and standards of environment, energy consumption and other emissions.

The water used in the company's production adopts the internal self-circulation mode, which is supplied by the circulating water pump to the demand of the water equipment in the workshop, and the water from the production equipment flows back to the circulating pool for recycling through the pipeline. The solar water heater is used for bathing hot water, and the domestic sewage is discharged into the sewage pipe network after being treated by the septic tank. The sewage pipe network is equipped with sewage inspection wells, drop wells and septic tanks. Water supply pipe national promotion of polypropylene nylon pipe fittings and pipes, improve anti-corrosion and water saving effect. Construction of wastewater sedimentation tanks and corresponding recovery equipment to improve the reuse rate of water and maximize water conservation.

The distribution room is equipped with a reactive power compensator to make the power factor reach.More than 95% to reduce power loss. The main road in the plant area adopts solar energy clean energy lighting, and the workshop lighting adopts LED energy-saving lighting, and the workshop is equipped with frequency converter for high energy-consuming motor equipment to effectively save electric energy.

Company investment20More than 10,000 yuan has purchased exhaust gas treatment equipment and bag filter equipment, and its noise monitoring, hazardous waste treatment, solid waste treatment and other pollutant emission indicators are in line with emission standards and related requirements.

3. care for employees to promote stable employment

The company adheres to the people-oriented management thinking, respects and trains its own employees. In order to make everyone understand and agree with the company's management style, the company has established a series of training programs such as "Management Post Requirements", "Annual Training Plan" and post skill assessment, linking the assessment results with the company's performance, and training employees to pay attention to quality issues, all kinds of special types of work must also obtain the corresponding training certificate of the state authorized department before they can take up their posts.

Our company pays attention to talent training and team building. The company has established the "Teacher and Appointment Award System", "Patent Application Award System", "Management Position Internal Competition System", "Excellent Talent Training System", "R & D Personnel Award System", "Talent Introduction Management Measures", etc., through the implementation of these systems and promote the company to cultivate3experts,2Senior Engineer,4Engineer, currently has invention patents.3Item, utility model patent50Item, the development of enterprise standards18Through campus recruitment, school-enterprise cooperation and other ways to attract talents and introduce advanced technology. Our company has successively carried out industry-university-research cooperation with Harbin University of Science and Technology, Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology, Dalian University of Technology and other well-known institutions, committed to product research and development, ensuring the advanced nature of products, the adequacy of technical personnel, and an annual investment of one million yuan to attract a large number of scientific and technological talents to work in our enterprise, providing a solid foundation for the continuous development of scientific and technological talents in enterprises.

2016Since the establishment of the foundation, the foundation has been admitted to poor families, veterans and children within the enterprise.985/211 Colleges and universities, weddings and funerals, etc. are all funded by the Love Fund, and the total expenditure of 22.45Ten thousand yuan.

In order to enrich the spare time life of employees, staff recreation rooms such as billiards, table tennis, chess, film and television live broadcast hall are equipped. In order to facilitate the purchase of daily necessities for employees, a love supermarket is built. In order to have a comfortable living environment for employees, air conditioning is installed in each dormitory, and the staff canteen provides free meals for employees, so that every employee can feel the warmth of the enterprise.

4. support glorious and craft charity, join social cause to promote community development

While doing a good job in production and operation, our company does not forget its original intention, returns to the society, and actively participates in social welfare undertakings.2022YearIn April, enterprises accumulated donations to the society.64.3635Ten thousand yuan, 2013Ya'an Earthquake Donation10Ten thousand yuan,2018annual counterpart poverty alleviation0.72Ten thousand yuan,2019Donation to the University Student Donation Fund in1Ten thousand yuan,2019The original tornado donation7.1182Ten thousand yuan (of which employees donate spontaneously2.1182Ten thousand yuan), counterpart poverty alleviation and Tieling welfare homes and other donations1.5929Ten thousand yuan,2020Year-2022Annual Donation to Education5.8Ten thousand yuan, 100 enterprises help 100 villages and precise poverty alleviation1.1Ten thousand yuan, Dadianzi School donated cable equivalent.36.7806Ten thousand yuan, other0.2518Ten thousand yuan. Actively fulfill the mission of starting a strong enterprise, serving the country and contributing to the society.

5. adhere to law-abiding integrity attaches importance to brand quality

At the beginning of the establishment of the company, the top management established.The enterprise mission of "being a high-quality cable supplier in China" and the development vision of "common development, sharing achievements, rewarding employees, shareholders and society", in order to enable the company to survive in the fierce market competition and achieve sustainable development, the company has set the quality target of "100 qualified rate of products leaving the factory, 100 qualified rate of supervision and inspection, and 95% of customer service satisfaction rate".

In 2020, it won the provincial "high-tech enterprise", in 2019, it won the "gazelle enterprise in Liaoning province", in 2020, the Liaoning provincial market supervision bureau issued the "advanced typical experience unit" for the quality certification of small and medium-sized enterprises in Liaoning province, in 2019, it won the "gazelle enterprise" at the county level in Tieling city, in 2019, the "three enterprises in Tieling city" and the "labor award" in 2019 ", in 2021, Tieling County Government issued the annual" Advanced Unit "for recruiting talents and talents, and Tieling County United Front Work Department and County Federation of Industry and Commerce issued the 2018" Advanced Unit "for Glorious Undertakings in 2021 and awarded the" Provincial Enterprise Technology Center ". In December 2021, it won the honor of "concentric promotion and revitalization" advanced enterprise in Tieling County.

Over the years, Zinda Cable has beenWith the purpose of "leading the industry and returning to the society" and "fulfilling promises and creating value" as its own responsibility, enterprises firmly listen to the party, follow the party, and earnestly implement the party's policies and government requirements. Persist in studying Xi Jinping's theory of socialism with characteristics, and improve the ability of enterprises to understand new developments, new concepts, and new patterns. Give full play to the advantages of the enterprise, while doing fine and fine enterprises, make due contributions to the society, keep up with the new development, integrate into the new pattern, and make new contributions to Liaoning for the development of Tieling during the 14th five-year Plan.


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