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Dry goods sharing, Liaoning Jinda cable one minute to show you the safety requirements of the cable

Liaoning Jinda CableIndicates that cable products are used in different occasions, and their performance requirements are diverse and cover a wide range. What are the main features of the cable? Let's take a brief look at it.


1. Electrical properties: including conductivity, electrical insulation and transmission characteristics. Conductivity-Most products require good conductivity, and some products require a certain range of resistance.

2. Mechanical properties: tensile strength, elongation, flexibility, flexibility, fatigue resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance.

3. Thermal performance: refers to the heat resistance level of the product, the working temperature, the heating and heat dissipation characteristics of the power cable, the current carrying capacity, the short circuit and overload capacity, the thermal deformation and thermal shock resistance of the synthetic material, the thermal expansion of the material, the dropping performance of the impregnation or layered material, etc.

4. Corrosion resistance and weather resistance: refers to electrochemical corrosion resistance, biological corrosion resistance, chemical resistance (oil, acid, alkali, chemical solvents, etc.) Corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, daylight resistance, cold resistance, virus resistance and moisture resistance.

6. Aging resistance: refers to the ability of the product and its constituent materials to maintain the original performance under the action of external factors such as mechanical stress, electrical stress, thermal stress, or under external climatic conditions.

7. Other properties: including the characteristics of some materials (such as the hardness of metal materials, creep, compatibility of polymer materials, etc.) and some special use characteristics of the product (such as flame retardant, fire-resistant, waterproof, anti-insect bite, anti-rat ant, etc.).

Liaoning Jinda CableWhat are the common faults of cables? Let's take a brief look at it.

Common cable faults include mechanical damage, insulation damage, insulation moisture, insulation aging, overvoltage, cable overheating, etc. When the above-mentioned fault occurs in the line, the power supply of the faulty cable should be cut off, the fault point should be found, the fault should be checked and analyzed, and then repaired and tested. The power supply can only be restored after troubleshooting.

Liaoning Jinda CableWhat are the safety requirements for cables? Let's take a brief look at it.

1. When cables are crossed, high-voltage cables should be under low-voltage cables. If one of the cables is protected by a pipe or separated by a partition within 1 meter before and after the crossing, the minimum allowable distance is 0.15 meters

2. When the cable approaches or crosses the thermal pipeline, if there are heat insulation measures, the minimum distance of parallel and cross is 0.5m and 0.15m respectively.

3. When the cable crosses the railway or highway, it should be protected by the pipe, and the protective pipe should extend beyond the track or road surface by 2m.

4. The distance between the cable and the building foundation shall ensure that the cable is buried outside the apron of the building; when the cable is introduced into the building, it shall be protected by passing through the pipe, and the protective pipe shall also exceed the apron of the building.

5. The grounding distance between the cable directly buried in the ground and the general grounding device should be 0.15~0.5m. The buried depth of the cable directly buried in the ground should not be less than 0.7m, and should be buried below the permafrost.

AboveLiaoning Jinda CableI'll see you next time for the knowledge content that I lead you to understand.

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