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Basic Structure and Preventive Measures of Liaoning Jinda Cable

The basic structure of Liaoning Jinda cable is generally composed of the following three parts: a conductive core wire for transmitting electric energy and signals. Electric energy or signals are transmitted along the conductive core wire. The conductive core wire is isolated from the outside and receives the insulating layer of the power grid voltage. The insulating layer is wrapped to protect and seal, and can maintain the insulating performance for a long time. Then, let's learn about the basic structure and preventive measures of Liaoning Jinda cable!


Power transmission refers to the way from the power station or power supply to other places. DC transmission is mostly used for power transmission with immature technology in the early stage. However, due to the gradual development of AC transmission in the later stage, AC transmission has many advantages, reducing the loss in power transmission, increasing the speed and transmission length, but there are still certain losses. I believe that more suitable power transmission methods will appear in the future when the technology is mature.

Liaoning Jinda cable is composed of only one group of wires. The three-core cable is composed of three independent groups of wires insulated from the cable. Each group of wires has an independent insulating layer, and the groups are insulated from each other. The three-core cable has a large calorific value. Special precautions for high-voltage AC single-core cables. Multi-core cables shall be used for high-voltage AC lines as much as possible. When single-core cables must be used for circuits with large working current, the following precautions shall be taken.

1) Liaoning Jinda cable should have no sheath or be wrapped with non-magnetic material. In order to avoid circulation, the metal shielding layer can only be grounded at one point.

2) Unless made of non-magnetic material, all wires in the same circuit shall be located in the same pipe, wire pipe or wire slot, or all phase wires shall be fixed with wire clamps.

3) When installing 2, 3 or 4 single-core cables constituting a single-phase circuit, three-phase circuit or three-phase and neutral circuit, the cables should contact each other as much as possible. In all cases, the distance between two adjacent cable shells must be less than or equal to the diameter of one cable.

The manufacturing method of Liaoning Jinda cable is completely different from that of most mechanical and electrical products. Generally speaking, the installation method of mechanical products and mechanical products is to reinstall multiple parts on one product. The product is measured by the number of units or pieces. The cable is a length-based measurement unit. All wires and cables start from the conductor processing. The outer surface is insulated, shielded, cable, shielded, etc. to make wire and cable products. The more complex the product structure, the more layers.

Under the long-diameter continuous overlapping production mode of Liaoning Jinda cable, the long-diameter continuous overlapping production mode has overall and controllable cable production. The production process and various equipment in the equipment installation and production workshop must be reasonably discharged according to the product process requirements. The semi-finished products in each link flow in turn. The equipment configuration needs to consider the production capacity difference to balance the production capacity. Some equipment needs to be configured with more than two sets to balance the production capacity. The product and shipment volume need to comprehensively consider, reasonable selection of equipment combination and production location configuration.

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