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What are the advantages of flexible cable fire?

With the continuous progress of science and technology, all walks of life have also been greatly developed. The development prospect of flexible cable fire prevention is also very good. Therefore, the demand is increasing and many manufacturers have been added to the market. As manufacturers, it is also necessary for us to tell you about the advantages of flexible cable fire prevention. Interested partners can come and have a look.

We also have a lot of problems with you before using this cable flexible fire, so if you want to use it better, you must understand some of its knowledge points. First of all, you have to be clear that the cable flexible fire has a higher melting point when in use, and has a higher resistance to mechanical shock under fire conditions. BBTRZ non-metallic flexible isolation type fireproof cable, due to the particularity of the isolation layer material, the honeycomb hard body structure is produced inside the isolation layer under the combustion condition, which can effectively resist the impact of external machinery. And it uses inorganic materials (incombustible) insulation, combustion will not produce any harmful gases, will not cause secondary pollution, can be called environmentally friendly green products. Cable flexible fireproof especially its long service life, inorganic insulating material, high temperature resistance, not easy to aging. How many times is its service life longer than the insulated cable in the agricultural production system? Under normal working conditions, you must know that its service life can be equal to the life of the building. Now its transportation and installation includes installation.

Cable flexible fire protection It is the guardian of data preservation. Fire can not only cause visible damage: equipment, furniture, goods, and even personal injury, but also invisible data. These unexpected losses not only brought heartache to the parties, but also brought huge economic losses, and even led to the closure of the company. When I learned about it, I also saw many important places, including new airports, subway stations, high-speed rail stations, commercial centers, office buildings, high-rise residential buildings, data centers, computer rooms, etc. Flexible cable fireproof sometimes need to wear plastic pipe or iron pipe. Plastic pipes are easy to age and become brittle, and iron pipes are easy to rust. The fireproof cable has a copper sheath and does not need to be threaded. The steel sheath has good corrosion resistance; the product normally supplies power to start the fire extinguishing equipment in the flame, reduces fire loss, and is particularly reliable for personal safety. The flexible fireproof steel sheath of the cable is an excellent conductor, a good grounding PE line, and continues to the full length of the cable, which greatly improves the grounding protection. sensitivity and reliability.

The content of the above article is the advantage of flexible cable fire prevention. If you don't know about these, come and learn quickly, hoping to help more friends, and the next issue will bring more wonderful content. If you don't understand anything, you can consult us at any time.


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