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The basic information of cable flexible fire protection?

The development prospect of the cable flexible fire prevention industry is very good, because it brings more benefits to the enterprise when in use, so it is favored by customers. In order to let everyone know more, then we will talk about the small knowledge points related to him, hoping to bring help to more people.

Nowadays, there are still many people who do not know some basic information about flexible cable fire prevention, so as a manufacturer, it is necessary for us to explain briefly. In fact, the raw material of flexible cable fire prevention is copper conductor, which has high temperature resistance and belongs to industrial classification. When used, its fire rating not only meets international requirements, but also meets the-level requirements stipulated by the United Kingdom. At the same time, it can withstand the water jet and mechanical impact during the combustion process. It can also be a very long continuous length. Whether it is single-core or multi-core cable, its length can meet the power supply length, the limit length can reach 200??0m. Large cross-section single-core cable can reach 1000 mm2, multi-core cable can reach 240 mm2. Now it is also a product that can be coiled on a cable reel with a bending radius of 20D, where d is the outer diameter of the cable. Especially when burning smokeless harmless. The insulating material adopts "non-combustible" inorganic material, which will not produce any harmful gas during combustion and will not cause secondary pollution. Cable flexible fire protection can be called environmental protection green products.

The application field of flexible cable fire protection is gradually expanding, from the initial offshore oil platform to aviation, aerospace, navigation, subway, tunnel, commercial buildings, hospitals, dance halls, metallurgy, chemical industry and power plants. In particular, its cross-sectional capacity is too large, and the cable not only has a large cross-sectional flow, but also has a large overload capacity. According to the wiring requirements, the cable surface temperature is usually 70. Or contact with combustible building materials? The temperature can reach 105 ℃. The allowable working temperature can reach 250 ℃ under overload condition. At the same time the cable flexible fire actually has good corrosion resistance. Insulated fire-resistant cables in agricultural production systems sometimes need to be worn through plastic pipes or iron pipes. Plastics are easy to age and become brittle, while iron pipes are easy to rust; fire-resistant cables are made of copper skin, which is corrosion-resistant. It is also completely immune to electromagnetic interference. When the flexible fireproof cable is laid coaxially with the signal and control wires and cables, the fireproof cable is shielded with a copper sleeve, which will not interfere with the signal. Interference caused by information transmitted on control lines and cables.

The content of the above article is some relevant information about the basic information of cable flexible fire protection introduced by the editor. If you didn't know before, you can come and see it now. The next issue will also tell you about the knowledge points related to it. Remember to watch.


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