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What are the advantages of bttz mineral cable bttz mineral cable manufacturers?

Liaoning Jinda Cable Co., Ltd. Jinda Cable is a national chain of large-scale cable production and sales.Bttz mineral cable manufacturers, bttz mineral cable through the use of inorganic composition, can not directly cause combustion, will not cause fire. Even if there is an external source of fire, bttz mineral cable can still carry out normal management work. As long as the flame temperature is lower than the melting point temperature of copper, the cable can continue to be used without replacement after the fire is over.

The advantage of bttz mineral cable manufacturers of bttz mineral cable is that for temperature: since the melting point temperature of the insulation layer of magnesium oxide is much higher than the melting temperature of copper, magnesium mineral insulated cable, so that the maximum normal operating temperature of BTTZ is as high as 250 ℃, in a short time, can be continued. The temperature is close to the melting point of copper 1083°C operation.

Overload protection: When the line current is overloaded, the plastic cable will cause insulation heating or breakdown due to overcurrent or overvoltage problems. ForBTTZ mineral insulated magnesium oxide cable, as long as the heat does not reach the melting point temperature of copper, the cable will not be damaged. Even if we break down instantly, the magnesium oxide at the breakdown point will not affect the formation of carbides. After the overload is over, it can still be used in normal life by continuing to work.

Bttz mineral cable, radiation resistance: Since the cable is made of inorganic materials, the electrical and mechanical properties of the cable will not change after radiation.

Long life: Since the cable is made of inorganic materials, it will not age and reach a life span of several hundred years.

Safety, environmental protection: the cable is composed of inorganic materials, it does not contain any organic substances. even if the cable is at temperatures above1000 ℃, and will not produce smoke, halogen, the slightest toxic gases.

Bttz mineral cable, good bending performance: the cable can be bent repeatedly and many times, and has bending performance compared with general plastic cables. The minimum bending radius is only 2 to 6 times the outer diameter of the cable. Copper sheathed BTTZ mineral insulated magnesium oxide cable can be used as grounding conductor.

By introducing everyone,Bttz mineral cable manufacturers bttz mineral cable will have more understanding, I believe in the choice of cable will have some suggestions.


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