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What are the requirements for the safe use of Zinda cables?

Zinda CableWith regard to the requirements for the safe use of cables, with the development of the communication industry, the development of products is very fast, and the use of cables has also been greatly improved. The cables are flexible and can be wound on the cable reel. Zinda cable burning smokeless non-toxic, insulating materials for inorganic materials"Incombustible". Combustion does not produce harmful gases, nor does it cause secondary pollution. This is called a green product.

Zinda CableGood security, in addition to the normal power supply, in the fire fighting equipment to start the flame to reduce the fire loss. It is reliable for personal safety. The copper sheath is a good conductor, the ground wire effect is very good, and the entire length of the cable, greatly improving the sensitivity and reliability of the ground fault protection. And its long service life, inorganic insulation material, high temperature resistance without aging, safety requirements:

1, whenZinda CableWhen crossing each other, the high voltage cable shall be under the low voltage cable. Where a cable is passed through the pipeline system to protect the work or before and after the crossing.When separated by partitions within 1 meter, the minimum allowable distance is 0.25 meters.

2、Zinda CableThe cables are close to or cross the heat pipes, parallel to each other, and intersect each other.Minimum distance of 0.5 m and 0.25m.

3、Zinda CableWhen crossing Chinese railways or roads, the cables shall be protected by different pipeline systems, and the pipelines shall extend out of the track or road surface.More than 2 meters.

4、Zinda CableThe distance between the cable and the building foundation should ensure that the cable is buried outside the water of the building. When the cable enters the building, it should be protected by pipes, and the pipes should also exceed the water of the building.

5、Zinda CableThe grounding distance between the buried cable and the grounding device shall be0.25-0.5 m, buried depth of buried cable should not be less than 0.7 m, should be buried under permafrost.

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