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BTTZ cable manufacturers on the causes of black copper wire

BTTZ cable manufacturersAbout the causes of copper wire black:

1, drawing emulsified oil pool area is relatively small, the return system pipeline is short, and sealed, resulting in the impact of slow heat dissipation, resulting in the use of emulsion oil temperature is high.

2. It is caused by copper wire annealing. Cooling water used in Lilian degradation is usually tap water and groundwater. Due to the different water quality in different places, the ph value of water quality in some areas is low, which is only 5.5 5.0 (generally 7.0-7.5). The antioxidant oil film in the original emulsion is washed off, and the annealed copper wire is easy to oxidize black. In normal good products, the traction line is in another annealing annealing line drawing machine, the cooling water does not have antioxidants, and the oxidation time is short, resulting in rapid blackening and oxidation.

3. Some old factories still use different annealing cylinders for annealing,BTTZ cable manufacturersRegarding the causes of blackening of copper wires, several main reasons will also affect oxidation and blackening: loosening of annealing cylinder nuts, leakage of high-purity nitrogen or carbon dioxide flushing; The temperature requirement of the copper wire out of the cylinder is too high, exceeding 30 ℃; The maintenance of drawing emulsion is not enough and the PH value is too low. It is common when the temperature is high in summer. When the emulsion is continuously used, the emulsion will be lost, and when the temperature is high, it will be lost quickly. If the new crude oil is not added in time, the fat content will be very small at this time, coupled with high temperature, the emulsification temperature may exceed 45 ° C, which is easy to cause oxidation and blackening.

4. In another case, the high-speed stretching is widely used at present, the speed increases, the relative cooling time shortens, and a space is brought to oxidation with time. Manufacturers of production equipment should pay more attention to the fat content of emulsion, whether the use of ambient temperature, PH value, etc. are properly carried out, the growth and reproduction speed of bacteria is faster in yellow mildew and rain season, the use of bactericidal and fungicidal agents, and antioxidants in summer can be used to solve these oxidation and blackening problems.

BTTZ cable manufacturersThe deformation of the finished mold caused by the cause of the blackening of the copper wire is small.; The periphery and front of the mold insert sleeve are not sealed properly.


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