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Zinda cable factory teaches you how to identify the authenticity of the wire!

Everyone must know that wires are an indispensable material for every family in the process of using electricity. The quality is very important and is directly related to the safety of every family. Counterfeit wires may directly cause damage to electrical circuits., Leakage, fire, etc., but sometimes fake wires are very lifelike, and it is not possible for professionals to distinguish them, how do we usually distinguish the authenticity before using it in reality to prevent being cheated? BelowJinda Cable Manufacturerssmall make up to tell you how to identify the authenticity of the wire.

1. Burn with fire

Fake fake wires will ignite and burn quickly, with open fire accompanied by black smoke, while regular standard real wires have no open fire, burn slowly, and have a small amount of smoke or smoke-free.

2. Check the packaging

Regular standard wire insulation skin has marks, such as wire model specification, 3C certification, etc., and the handwriting is clear, generally will not be scrubbed off, only banana water can be washed off, the electric coil has a certificate of approval, the certificate of approval has manufacturer information, 3C logo, quality system certification, voltage grade, wire specification and model, etc., while fake and fake wires have no or missing items.

3, look at copper

The higher the brightness of the copper, the better the copper, and the brightness is uniform, shiny, and there is no layering. The copper core of the qualified wire is generally purple, shiny, and soft. If it is convenient, you can cut off a small piece of plastic skin, carefully check the copper wire inside, and lightly touch the end of the copper wire with the palm of your hand. It should be flat and have no tingling feeling, and feel relatively soft. The fake copper core of the wire is purple black, yellow or white, with more impurities, poor mechanical strength, poor toughness, a little force will break, and the wire will swim and break. You can peel off any end of the wire and rub it on the copper core with white paper. If there is black substance on the white paper, it means that there are more impurities in the copper core. The insulating layer of the fake wire looks very thick on the surface. In fact, most of it is made of recycled plastic. Over time, the insulating layer will age and leak electricity, causing accidents.

4. Weighing

Wires with good quality standards are usually within the specified weight range. For example, the commonly used plastic insulated single-strand copper core wire with a cross-sectional area of 1.5 mm² kg weighs 1.8-1.9kg per 100 m. 2.5 mm² plastic insulated single-strand copper core wire weighs 3-3.1kg per 100 m; 4.0 mm² plastic insulated single-strand copper core wires weigh 4.4-4.6kg per 100 m, etc. The weight of fake wires is insufficient or the length is not enough, either the copper core of the wire has too much impurities.

5, try it.

Intercepting a wire head and bending it repeatedly by hand, usually with soft hand feeling, good fatigue strength, large elasticity of plastic or rubber hand feeling and no cracks on the wire insulator is the high-quality wire with quality standard.

The above isJinda Cable ManufacturersXiao Bian sorted out some of the content on how to judge the authenticity of the wire, hoping to help everyone!


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